The Lego Ninjago Movie

TT Games , the British subsidiary of Warner Bros., has been responsible for bringing the Lego world to video games. More concretely, it brings to the consoles an


d computers adaptations of the most famous franchises of fantasy cinema, space opera and super heroes, with the purest Lego aesthetic, a hack and slash style and puzzles, for which we must destroy structures and Take advantage of your pieces to build others. TT Games gave u


s the saga of Lego: Star Wars , based on the mythical franchise and the toy line dedicated to her. He also provided us with a version on Lego: The Movie , and now he offers us  The Lego Ninjago Movie: The Video Game , the title inspired by the recent children’s cinematographic work, which, in turn, is based on the line of ninja-themed toys and its television series.

The universe of Ninjago is a tribute to martial arts cinema, aimed at children, and is reflected in the same video game, in which every stage and character is made of Legopieces . In this hack and slash adventure , we situate ourselves in the island of Ninjago , and w


e will be in the skin of a group of teenagers, students of ninjutsu and pilots of robots wick, who will have to defend their home from the threat of the evil Garmadon , who will look for its destruction. However, they will be forced to put aside their differences and unite against


a common enemy, Miauthra . In our journey there will bemany combats in which we will show various combos that parody the elegant names of the martial techniques, we will solve puzzles that will require construction of Legos and s


pecial abilities of our ninja and we will advance through platforms in parkour style, like races on the walls, tours in zip line and swing betwee


n horizontal bars. All set with an absurd but charming humor, intended for children and with the possibility for two players, designed for parents and children to share on their console or computer an innocent adventure of happy ninjas with an interesting message about friendship and redemption .

A children’s game

The Lego Ninjago Movie: The Video Game is clearly aimed at young players, not only for its comedy type and its Lego and colorful aesthetic, but also for the extreme simplicity of its mechanics and the simplistic development of its history, w


hich, On the other hand, it ends in an anticlimactic ending, with which the game tries to compensate with a bonus phase that is the most delicious of the game. Throughout an adventure whose duration is estimated at about 6 or 8 hours, the player advances in his


tory through the different locations of Ninjago, which are equivalent to the phases of the game, between which there are some loading screens so long that we have the feeling that they are constructing by hand the stage with authentic pieces of Lego. During th


e journey, we will meet the different ninja students, their sensei , Master Wu, and Garmadon himself, who will join our team, which we will control a character and we will vary according to what we need at each moment. Each of our ninjas has its


own weapon, which in addition to warlike use, will be the only valid one to solve some of the puzzles. At a certain moment of the game, the ninjas will discover the power of the Spinjitzu, which is the channeling of an elementary power with which they can solve other puzzles.