The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

To go to Hyrule and get maximum travel experience does not have to be a fan of the “Zelda”.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild  does not distinguish between new and old players – they all fall into the same new, unfamiliar and inhospitable world that want to get lost in the dozens of hours to explore all its secrets and relive all the adventures that he can offer.

At the same time fun to admit that the question of whether deserved Breath of the Wild all these enthusiastic exclamations no single answer.

The fact that it is very difficult to compare to other games – for thirty years the series itself has become a genre in which no one else and could not provide equivalent alternatives.

In the new release the game has changed a lot, it has taken into account many of the popular trend – but it is still a “Zelda”, and it must first catch a wave.

This is not a “second The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim » and «Witcher from Nintendo» – there is no role-playing system, there are no twists in the plot and charismatic hero.

Even though quite a depressing state of affairs in Hyrule, in the “Zelda” no seamy side, no cruelty, no sex – all the attention is focused exclusively on creating a sense of sincere, naive little adventure in the open world, which hovered on the brink of apocalypse.

If you are not a good game without external paraphernalia of contemporary AAA games like car chases and shootings of Grand Theft Auto 5 , amazingly realistic species of Horizon: Zero Dawn  and dozens of colorful characters of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ,

the Breath of the Wild hardly you will find “game of the decade” – is a completely different open world. It operates by different rules and promotes other values.

If you prepare for it in advance, you will feel the chance is much larger.

I will say more in a direct comparison “Zelda” games listed above will lose a lot. As, however, and they her. This is a different plane to run Nintendo games even better without regard to the projects of other studios, or in comparisons easy to get confused. But run them still stands – Breath of the Wild’s for sure. Let me explain why.

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The plot at the Breath of the Wild is very simple: the protagonist Link wakes up after centuries of sleep and finds out that a hundred years ago the evil suddenly attacked the kingdom of Hyrule and won. Most of the population was killed then,

Princess Zelda was gone, and the Link was severely wounded in battle – but friends had put him into a magical dream, that one day he came back and saved everyone.

So we do not have much of a choice – will go around the world, win the support of the remaining inhabitants of Hyrule, and prepare the final attack on the main villain.

But here’s some clear course of action, we do not give – for the first 4-6 hours of the game is trying to guide you, marking a specific point on the map, but then finally let go in free float.

Breath of the Wild elevates the principle of “go wherever you want” an absolute – it does not matter where you go, you still come across any adventure. You can not even take the plot tasks – sooner or later they will find you.

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Unlike all the previous games in the series, all regions in the game are available from the start and does not require special equipment. We only need to be able to get to them and survive.

Periodically, you will meet important characters, which will give the job and explain a link, what’s going on in the world, 100 years after his “death”.

But in these dialogues, just a small part of which is announced, emerges one of the main archaisms of the game – an acute shortage of drama and emotion.

In older games, this was still possible to reconcile, but in 2017 a new generation of consoles waiting for improvements not only in gameplay and graphics, but also in the work of writers.