The Legend of Korra

It’s funny, but the practice of taking out games based on movies , TV series or other audiovisual properties is being lost . Not one hundred percent, it is clear, but consoles and compatible seems that this type of content has mutated towards tablets, social networking games and other

platforms that are no longer those that appeal to the gamer to use. In this scenario, it seems particularly curious that Platinum Games (the creators of Bayonetta, neither more nor less) have been commissioned to bring to light a project like The Legend of Korra, the videojueguil adaptation of the


remarkable series of Nickelodeon that emerged as a branch of Avatar: The Legend of Aang and that has managed to become solid enough to stand out since it was released in 2012. The situation is reminiscent of what was lived for years back with Samurai Champloo, who received a


game of Grasshopper (the studio of Suda 51, which Killer 7 had just done at the time) but it has ended with better fortune, because we have a more than worthy title as long as we have account all the elements that are on the table: it is a downloadable game and it does not pretend to be, let’s say it clearly, Bayonetta 2.

The Legend of Korra is thus a title focused mainly on the fan of the series, which has seen each of the episodes and want to complete parts of the story, to locate the plot of the game between the ‘books’ two and three, name given to the seasons of the series.


To present everything that precedes the phases and even between segments of them, Platinum Games incorporates animation sequences made by the Titmouse studio , based on a script by Tim Hedrick -veterano of the series- in collaboration with the creators of the same. , Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko.


The result at a narrative level is simply acceptable, without becoming particularly memorable, being honest, and although the quality of the sequences is not bad the problem comes from the very base -written-, which is not too interesting beyond of the anecdote.


Thus, the game starts with a battle between Korra and a large number of creatures, to return a week back in time and explain how Korra lost her powers because of the blockade of ‘chi’ generated by the villain of the game, the elderly Hundun . During the game, the objective is to recover them, recover our Avatar status and end the bad guy.

The Legend of Korra (360) screenshot
The Legend of Korra (360) screenshot The Legend of Korra (360) screenshot

Battles on the sidelines, the rest of the game navigates between the correction with some flash of imagination at specific moments. The phases are usually divided intoexploration segments , in which we have to advance through scenarios with platform elements, locate hidden areas or break elemental doors, which sometimes we will not be able to do in the first round and we


will need to return to get the power in particular. The collection of treasures hidden in chests is the only collectable of the game, something that does not take long but in some cases (by placement) can go unnoticed. Fights on the sidelines, we found two mechanics added to the thick playable title .