The grandchildren of the Zerg – The review of Iron Marines

 Iron marines review

Known to the general public for the tower defense trilogy Kingdom Rush , the Uruguayan development team Ironhide decided with its latest title to change the register … but without exaggerating.


If in fact the present Iron Marines shows off a spatial setting that has nothing to do with the fantasy of the aforementioned series, it is also true that it does not differ too much from the genre with which the Montevideo studio has achieved worldwide success


Tower defense elements are therefore well visible here too, but with a basic strategic setting in real time that has pushed more than one to welcome the arrival of Iron Marines as a novel StarCraft for touch devices. But will it really be like that?


It must be said that Ironhide did nothing to avoid the similarities with the masterpiece Blizzard, indeed: despite a decidedly lighter tone and a cartonesco look, it is undeniable that the scenarios and characters of  space marines iron hands draw strongly inspiration from the imagination of StarCraft.


To clear the field of misunderstandings, however, we immediately clarify that the similarities between the two titles basically run out here, with the last work of Ironhide that proves to be a very valid union between an RTS and a tower defense,


but that does not possess the structure and depth necessary even to approach a sensible comparison with the historical Blizzard series. Without this premise let’s go to analyze the product in question, which as written a little earlier can count on many arrows to his bow.

 Iron marines all achievements

For a start,  iron hands space marines has an absolutely remarkable range of contents: the numerous missions that make up the single player campaign have varied objectives, there is ample diversification both in the ranks of the allied and enemy troops and the main menu. allows you to spend accumulated credits and skill points by playing a wide selection of active and passive skills and consumable items.


Iron Marines – iOS – Gameplay – Walkthrough


The grandchildren of the Zerg - The review of Iron Marines

Even at a purely technical level the work done by Ironhide is essentially impeccable, with a nice and detailed graphics that performs its function in a more than excellent, a resonant and above all a simple and complete control system as required: it is sufficient tap to select individual troops (or double-tap to group them all together), swipe across the screen to show them the direction to follow and then press on the indicators to release special abilities or aim at units and structures to open a radial menu dedicated to upgrades, all available upon payment in resources. On this frame there is a gameplay that sees the user engaged to explore the various maps, iron marines online does nothing to make life simple for the player ,


limiting the tutorials to the minimum necessary, immediately raising the level of challenge and not even contemplating the existence of checkpoints: a series of choices that, if on one side will exalt the purists on the other hand they are destined to put in difficulty that part of the less savvy public.


Equally divisive we can consider the decision by the developers to include paid content (heroes, but also packages of resources and currencies) in a security sold to what in the mobile field can be considered a full price: fortunately, however, the gameplay is sufficiently balanced to allow anyone to continue only with their own merits of play, leaving purchases to those who prefer to burn the stages.

The grandchildren of the Zerg - The review of Iron Marines

 Iron marines update

If you are a fan of Iron Marines, you will be happy to know – there is a very big update coming. The goal of the developers is grandiose – it is planned to increase the content of the Iron Troop by a third. However, the development of a global update will take a long time, so Ironhide Game Studio will produce small portions of new content in order to maintain the interest of players to the project and monitor the reaction to certain innovations.

November 9 will release an update with special two-stage missions on  iron marines pc. The players are waiting for the new story of Sagan-1, from which you learn something new about Fell, as well as a fresh story of Ascendaar, which tells about the repository of knowledge Rob070.

Also at the disposal of players will get a couple of new characters of premium-class – Guiying and Trabuco.

Guiying is a warrior trained in the temple. He dedicated his fate to the protection of an ancient relic. The warrior owns the melee technique and has distance abilities.

Trabuco can be described as a blue-skinned orc with long-range weapons. Shoots deftly and quickly from a short distance, but is able to destroy the enemy and from a long distance with a laser beam.

Sounds great. Soon we will be able to verify this personally, because before the update there was a week left.