The girls showed a new trick, as the guys spy on them in the locker rooms

The girls discovered a new way in which guys spy on them in the locker rooms, and even shoot on video. The network warned the girls to be careful, as the new method is becoming more and more popular among guys.

Twitter user under the nickname Issyr posted a new video on which she showed how exactly the guys can quietly peek at the girls in the locker rooms in shops or shopping centers, and even secretly shoot on video. According to, the girl indignantly noted that she had discovered how an unfamiliar guy was trying to shoot her in the locker room, pretending to just measure clothes in the next booth. The girl noticed that the guy bent down to his shoes to tie up the laces, and along with his things he put on the floor a camera aimed at another booth from below. At the same time, Issyr exposed the guy, and complained to the staff and other visitors who said they saw how this was already happening.

In the comments to the new video, the audience began to be indignant and angry at the guy who behaves so disgustingly. Many said that they would immediately break into the guy’s booth, and beat him properly. Others even considered that for such a violation of personal space it was necessary to go to jail altogether. Some wrote that in such cases, you just need to reach out and pick up the recorder for yourself, without fear of consequences. In general, users were extremely outraged by what they saw, and felt that Issyr and the other girls had to deal with such rudeness.

The publication with a guy spying on a disguised girl received more than 140 thousand likes and more than 3 million views on Twitter, notes. Issyr herself wrote that she did not immediately start a scandal with the guy just because she did not immediately believe her eyes, and decided to chat with other people. Nevertheless, users on the network were shocked by the actions of the guy with the camera, and expressed their support to all the girls who could suffer from such incidents in public places.