The Georgian developer posted his game on torrents, and users thanked him in response – sales increased by 400%

Georgian developer Shota Bobokhidze told in an interview with the publication Polygon about an interesting way to promote your game Danger gazerswhich came out in January 2023 and went unnoticed by users Steam.

To draw attention to his work, Bobokhidze personally posted it on a torrent. The experiment was successful – users appreciated the act and responded with thanks.

“As a developer, I can only ask you to think about buying and supporting the game if you like it and if you want to see more games from independent developers,” the author wrote in a commentary on the distribution, adding that “there is no catch.”

The version posted on the torrent is no different from the one available on Steam, except for the lack of DRM protection.

In an interview with reporters, Bobokhidze recalled that he himself grew up in a situation where piracy was the only way to gain access to games and programs. He realizes that not everyone can afford a purchase, but these people can help differently – for example, by spreading positive reviews (if development really helps) and posting on social networks. This helps to attract attention and solvent part of the audience to the product.

“Today it’s becoming increasingly difficult to attract attention, so every little thing helps,” the author says.

Soon after the appearance of Danger Gazers on torrents, sales of games on Steam grew by 400%.

Moreover, there are even people among buyers who are not interested in such products, but they decided to thank the author for taking care of users who do not have finances for interactive entertainment. Moreover, some players, according to Bobokhidze, even transferred to his account an amount twice the cost of Danger Gazers (in the USA they ask for $ 10, in Russia – 288 rubles).

“I’m not a fan of this kind of games, but I’m glad to support the developer,” one of the reviews says.

At the moment, the project has 13 reviews on Steam. The approval rating is 92%. A surge in the number of additions of Danger Gazers to the wish lists has been recorded.

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