The future of Nintendo goes from here

Nintendo Switch: looking to the past for the future
Waiting for its line-up with new first-party titles and (hopefully) third-party news, Nintendo  has decided to look back and get as many video games


as possible from its already available elsewhere on its platform. Enriching the line-up with ” and then on Switch I’ll play this too, I still have to retrieve it ” can actually bring some potential buyers closer, enabling them to see a broader front and therefore more appealing. To understand what we mean, think that one of the first games released


for Switch has been The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim  (which debuted in 2011, but has never been on Nintendo consoles).
This includes, for example, the announcement of a Complete Edition of Disgaea 5 on May 26  (already released on PS4 by our side), or that of Monopoly  for next fall , or that of a definitive edition of the beautiful Rayman Legends , coming in by 2017. Also addressed to Battle Chasers  and Sine Mora EX  (with rumors on the latter confirmed), both coming this winter at the hands of THQ No


rdic. We can also include Payday 2 , originally released in 2013, which promises a four-player co-op that is well geared to the idea of ​​”playing with whoever you want”.
To further enrich the array of games that have the task of offering variety to the title park, we also find Fate / EXTRELLA: T


he Umbral Star –  which will be released on Switch with 35 DLC costumes already included on July 21 , and arrived in January on Sony consoles – or the new series of NEOGEO titles  already announced, including The King of Fighters ’99  and Samurai Showdown IV , or the collection of classic arcade games Namco Museum .
On the other hand, we look at the Minecraft arrival announcement : Nintendo Switch Edition . Already on release on May 12th, the famous video game will also include a Mash-up pack that will let you enjoy them with Super Mario themed creations.


In its release-in particular the portable- Minecraft  has turned out to be virtually a system-seller, strong in the huge audience of younger (and younger) who is able not only to attract but to keep active on the console. Since it has never landed on 3DS, then the game is then on Switch, ready to do what it has to do: attract the attention of the big slice of users who love playing Minecraft where he prefers.


Not only is it therefore the purpose of increasing the console’s gaming offer, but the one aimed at reaching the huge passionate audience of the Mojang title, which would see among the plus of the Nintendo console the presence of its favorite game, enjoyable on the road  on a generous display.



The 2017 Nintendo Switch Sets
After the bout of criticism of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild  and the appointment with Super Mario Odyssey  set for Christmas, from the presentation of the Nintendo console, he anticipated that filling the gap between his two highly anticipated exclusives would have been, well, other exclusive ones. In addition to the upcoming Mario Kart 8 Deluxe , we were faced with Splatoon 2  and the new IP ARMS. Both were the stars of yesterday’s Direct, with releasing release dates.

As for Splatoon 2 , the Kyoto home has unveiled the new “Salmon Run” mode, co-op for four players. In it, you will allay yourself with your friends to make war on Salmonids, including the ability to resuscitate your fallen companions by hitting them with your ink. The appointment with the game was set for July 21 , full summer, and will be accompanied on the shelves by three new  dedicated ambers .