The forbidden planet

The solus project review

The Solus Project talks about running to space , a real race that is not dictated by visions to the Musk or the need to keep a military opponent at bay, but by necessity.


In the future imagined by Teotl Studios it is the destruction of the Earth that forces humanity to explore the cosmic void the solus project pc with five spaceships sent to the extremes of the galaxy. One of these, the one on which our digital alter ego travels, reaches a habitable planet raising the hopes of an endangered species, but an accident jeopardizes the mission leaving us alone in a land surrounded by stormy waters, a place full of secrets and as evocative as dangerous.

The Solus Project leaves us alone, abandoned and confused on the surface of a mysterious alien planet

The solus project story

With the tumultuous season of fairs behind us, the time has come to close the accounts with an interesting first-person adventure. Our first meeting with the solus project game dates back to seven months ago, when only two chapters were available, although the game mechanics were already available to us.


But the full version of solus game, arrived in June for PC and in July for the solus project xbox one, adds a lot ‘of space to explore and finally closes the narrative dimension that has its importance when at stake is the fate of humanity.

The forbidden planet

Unfortunately the solus project game , this fate weighs entirely on our shoulders and becomes increasingly heavy as we realize that two components are not enough and a little ‘patience to fix everything. The alien planet on which we are finished is full of mysteries, questions, painful revelations and dangers that we must face to try to understand what has become of our comrades and the inhabitants of the planet.


To do this the only possibility we have is to explore and this allows us not only to find traces but also artifacts and alien technologies that allow us a little ‘breathing, allowing us also to enjoy the tragic beauty that surrounds us.

The forbidden planet

The polygonal size is limited and the same is true for the variety of environments, but Gliese-6143-C manages to be damn fascinating among torrential rains, snow, meteor storms, all while the waves rage against the coast, the torrid day leaves cold night space and the humidity makes its way through our flesh to bite our bones.

The solus project walkthrough

And here comes the survival dimension that depends on a series of parameters that we can display on a sort of handheld. Insolation, hypothermia, moisture, sleep and hunger can be fought by exploiting the limited but useful crafting and a whole range of useful items that include sponges to reduce moisture, alien food, mattresses, relics that increase the speed of movement and stocks found among the debris of our spaceship

The solus project release game

The game will be available on Steam Early Access and GOG Games in Development on 18 February, and thanks to the program Xbox Game Preview, and Xbox One c 26 February. Since the PlayStation 4 no early access program, the game will appear on the console only after the complete, final release.

But the threats of the planet go far beyond the climate, between shadows that precede us, mysterious creatures that chase us in a delirium of smoke and lightning and disquieting alien dolls that seem motionless but continue to appear behind us.


The polygons are not many and the roughness abound but the design work and the Unreal Engine give us an environment perhaps not particularly varied but suggestive and full of effects that in some cases prove to be original and surprising. 


Others, like the rain, are rather rough but do not compromise the overall yield of a title that gives us breathtaking sunsets and suggestive views. The options also allow us to abuse oversampling, up to 400% resolution, and to play with the field of view that can be increased from 45 to 135 degrees.


Finally solus project, the title supports HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and also includes the possibility to choose between the international measurement system and the British imperial system.