The fall of Kevin Smith: Netflix’s “Masters of the Universe” reboot has infuriated fans

On Friday on streaming service Netflix the first five episodes of the animated series became available for viewing “Masters of the Universe: Revelation“(Masters of the Universe: Revelation) based on a series of toys from the company Mattel… However, fans took the reboot with hostility.

Attention! Spoilers!

Despite the high reviews from critics, ordinary viewers massively underestimate the ratings of the animated series by Rotten tomatoes and IMDB… Cause? Showrunner’s systematic lies Kevin Smith (“Jay and Silent Bob“).

Masters of the Universe: Revelation announced as a direct sequel to the animated series “Hi-Man and the lords of the universe“(He-Man and the Masters of the Universe), published in the 80s of the last century. Events take place in the kingdom of Eternia, which is trying to conquer the villain Skeletor… Can hinder him prince adamwho can transform into Hee-Mena – the greatest warrior in the universe.

Kevin Smith argued that the Netflix project is for fans, so we can expect further development of the story. The kingdom of Eternia was destroyed, and the bodyguard and beloved of the prince Thiele it is necessary to find the Sword of Power split into two parts.

However, in March 2023, the portal Clownfish tv reported that Netflix is ​​splurging. According to the insider, in the new animated series, Adam recognizes himself as a useless He-Man, transferring the magical powers to Tila and her girlfriend. The ex-bodyguard will become the central character in the story, not the prince.

The leak infuriated Kevin Smith. He indignantly denied the rumor, stating that Prince Adam is not a minor hero, and Teela will not have any lover. As a result, he organized the persecution of Clownfish TV, which continues to this day.

But in July, the truth surfaced – Kevin Smith lied. During this time, he had already changed his testimony several times, which made it clear that he is not a fan of the original show, does not understand the history of the franchise, and Teela will indeed have a girlfriend in Revelation.

Viewers note the high quality of the animation, but not the plot. The problem is that at the end of the first episode, Adam disappears, after which the strong and independent Teela (shaved whiskey is included) in the company of her friend (another example of Hollywood’s practice of turning a red-haired character into a black one) runs most of the series in search of a piece of sword and Adam. In the finale, the prince is generally killed when he tries to transform into Hi-Men.

Thus, Teela became the main character in the series. And everything goes to the fact that she will become the new He-Man in the sequel. Unsurprisingly, Kevin Smith has come under fire.

The advertising campaign did not improve the situation, within the framework of which Sarah Michelle Gellar began to scold the fans and talk about the fact that “Masters of the Universe” was not interesting to her. Note that Hee-Man was originally positioned as an animated series for boys. For girls, there was a show about Shi-Ru, which also received a terrible reboot a few years ago, which many considered SJW propaganda.

The creators of “Revelations” also decided to change the color of the skin. King Grayscull – to the ancestor of Adam. Cause? They didn’t want the show to feature “two white, muscular blond men,” and the new characters could supposedly be rejected by viewers.

Attempts to “beat the expectations” of the Netflix audience have gone sideways. On the Rotten tomatoes the “freshness” of the new “Masters of the Universe” is only 39%. On the IMDB the score has already dropped below 6/10. Everything goes to the fact that the final rating of the project will be lower than the thrash film adaptation of 1987, in which Hee-Man played Dolph Lundgren

Kevin Smith does not comment on the situation in any way, although a few days before the premiere, he actively wrote in Twitter… In the comments, viewers actively throw mud at the showrunner, accusing him of lying. And Smith is only to blame for this.

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