THE F1 2017

At this year’s Grand Prix of Azerbaijan Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel boarded Mercedes rival Lewis Hamilton.

During the Grand Prix of Russia in the first year of my career, FJanuary 2017 he cranked a similar trick. Along with Vettel and Hamilton to a rendezvous with a wall off my 1 prodigy Jackie Spidvizel.

I was able to pull his racer of this mess, simultaneously plowing wall and lost the front wing. But the well-known riders are less fortunate. The season has just begun, and already strained passion.

Similar problems arising on the track for a split second, distinguished by Formula 1, and Codemasters successfully manage to play them in the spirit of the game.

F1 2017 – thorough and confident race, which covers all the nuances of modern Formula 1: its rules, its conventions and its dangers umeschayas it all in one really good sports simulator.

It tests us nervous races, but the rewards for the patience, stability and strategic approach.

F1 2017 is not so much superior to F1 2016, F1 2016 was superior to both disappoint us F1 2015 – this year there were no serious innovation. However, it is definitely the best F1-game from Codemasters today.

This year’s Formula 1 has undergone major changes, so that the machines have become more tires – wider and aerodynamics – the better. Roughly speaking, the cars were not only heavier but also faster. Codemasters , of course, taken into account at this point 1, 2017.

The game at the wheel, I felt better out of all that I have ever experienced in games from Codemasters , and weight feeling is incredible. And when you play on your controller, the game is also excellent.

Fireballs 2017 as if the stronger clinging to the road surface than did their predecessors in 2016.

Is the game and the cult cars racing legends of the past: 11 (12 in a special edition) machines include naprime, the McLaren Senna and Ferrari Schumacher in 2004.

They are very different from modern cars, and from each other, too, so it is interesting to compare with each other. And they sound amazing, but perhaps there is an impression, because in comparison with them the modern Formula 1 cars produce sounds reminiscent of a fly that tries to fly out from under an overturned bucket.

This car still holds a host of current lap records, 13 years later.

Classic cars are woven into the career mode in January 2017 in the form of testing many different types of chains. It resembles similar events essentially of Forza Motorsport 6. I think this is a logical and correct approach, allowing to produce classic cars on the road today.

That’s just classic cars is very small, so sometimes it happens that the road is a few copies of the same machine.

We will have to ride on the same routes as in 1, 2016. In four of these small changes have been made, but in general remained the same card. What is more important is the fact that every track now looks more realistic than ever before. Muted tones that have been the hallmark of the race from Codemasteres , finally sent to the dustbin of history.

Grass literally glows juicy green heaven illuminated brilliant blue, and all that is between them, looks the most plausible. It really is a very beautiful game, where you can admire and the neon glow of Singapore’s skyscrapers and bright wet asphalt Albert Park.

But the objects outside of the track is not so impressive, the game engine excels at rendering rubber, asphalt, concrete, but the skin and the hair had to be not so good.

And yet it seems to me that all this is part of the sports atmosphere, which operates on the success of 1, 2017. My main complaint in this respect – borrowing multiple of in January 2015 and 1, 2016. Freshness is not enough. I hope that this issue will decide the next time.

Female drivers are available in F1 2017, although I'm pretty sure Jackie Speedweasel is bald.

While Codemasters has not yet been added, corporate celebrations Dena Rikkardo during a ceremony on the podium, it significantly changed the career mode for a period of 10 seasons, it can be called a truly important event.