The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

Vvardenfell, back and forth
We had already tested with hand a few weeks ago – thanks to the playable beta of the title – the goodness of this new adventure featured in Bethesda, inspired by the historic and unforgettable third chapter of The Elder Scrolls series, a game that more than any other of his output to make sense of the word “vastness”.
Morrowind was one of the first western matrix role-playing games to propagate in a polygonal key a vibrant and pulsating world, characterized by vast cities, outposts, marshes and a real flora and fauna (such as forgetting the famous “flying squid” and giant mushrooms, a real distinctive trait of The Elder Scrolls III).
It is no surprise, then, that ZeniMax has chosen one of the most beloved chapters of the lucky TES saga to give life a lifelong life to its The Elder Scrolls Online, a title that – despite being double-stranded to a brand of absolute success and capable of selling millions of copies – it has always stalled to take off, perhaps because of a gaming system that is extremely different from what it has seen and played in the main saga.
Now, with Morrowind Bethesda takes the eye to the historical fans of the saga by offering them a one-way ticket to Vvardenfell Island, a mystical and ancestral place, always populated by monsters and aberrations of all kinds, despite the jump back in time of 700 years compared to the original chapter.
This means that the gaming world will not exactly be as we remember it, and that some areas may still be under construction, though the saga’s fan will soon recognize locations such as Ashlands, Tel Mora or Bitter Coast.
Vvardenfell  is, in fact, a unique, large flip-flop of fully exploded land, capable of hosting a long history, several secondary missions, Delve missions, and a whole host of collateral activities.First off, it is the first real new class to be played since the base title came out in stores, or Warden’s. Based on the powers of nature, this is nothing more than a class with a variety and power far above the average, both in healing and defensive abilities, as well as those related to the attack.
With the Warden we will be able to summon wild beasts (such as cliff racers, war bear and shalk) as well as the opportunity to take advantage of our plants and shrubs, both to care for ourselves and our party members. Finally, we can also use a powerful ice magic to defend us from enemy strikes. All this makes the Warden one of the most powerful additions ever seen in The Elder Scrolls Online (so much as it has raised various controversy over ‘
The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind
The legend of Tamriel
One thing, however, catches the eye since the very first moment of play: The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowindit does not seem to want to be proposed as a simple additional content of the main title. In fact, you can go into the vicissitudes of Vvardenfell’s world with a level 1 character created from scratch – thanks to the usual adventure editor – or with a protagonist made earlier (to do so, you will be required to go to the Seyda Shrine Neen, the first village we will be called to accept the missions of the game).
It should be said that with the One Tamriel update, there will be no difference or privilege between the newcomers and the ESO veterans, since all the participants in the adventure will interact with each other by exchanging information and objects, or by cooperating and collaborating among them for a common purpose.
ZeniMax Online has made available a plethora of different features to use: each breed will match specific weapons and attribute bonuses, while the chosen class will determine the basic skills of our character. Obviously we can also decide the physical appearance of our warrior, the skin color to the physiognomy of the body, through the facial features.