The Elder Scrolls 6 wasn’t what the players wanted

In Game The elder scrolls 6 from company Bethesda revealed an unprecedented realism and cruelty, which many fans were not at all happy about. However, new technologies will allow developers to make the TES 6 game completely different from what many fans would like.

The game The Elder Scrolls VI, like other games in the series, will include the process of creating your own character, which can be representative of almost any of the races represented in the series The Elder Scrolls. According to, fans of the TES VI game felt that new technologies would allow Bethesda developers to show races much more realistically than before, as well as make their bestial traits extremely cruel. So, the fans arranged a new discussion of the potential possibilities of the future The Elder Scrolls 6, and described game moments in which the Khajiit can bite their faces off the guards in the dark alley of the city, and the Argonians can also attack directly from under the water, and tear apart the enemies with literally bare hands and teeth. In addition, representatives of nonhumans in the game will be able to use their claws and even tails in battle to make wagering such a character an extremely realistic and sometimes unpleasant gaming experience.

A lot of fans agreed with a similar fantasy for The Elder Scrolls 6, and stated that in the same Skyrim, playing for representatives of different races is almost no different from people, and this is not very encouraging. At the same time, many fans of the series said that in The Elder Scrolls VI such realism and cruelty would be superfluous, and wanted to get just a high-quality adventure, without developers’ investments in such extremes where they are not needed. Many said that they still have no idea how TES 6 will turn out, and therefore they are looking forward to the first demo from Bethesda with any gameplay frames on the game engine in order to begin to build their assumptions about TES VI.

The last major game in the series was The Elder Scrolls Online, first released in 2014, and still receiving regular major updates. According to, the release of The Elder Scrolls 6, according to Bethesda representatives, is unlikely to take place before 2024, although many analysts are confident that the project will be released earlier than this.