The Division

Ambitious project, great expectations, spectacular videos. Downgrade evident, the fear of falling into errors of oras sagas and a beta that had defenders and detractors. The road that has continued until today The Division has been full of mixed feelings and doubts, desire to go well and suspicion. One week after the launch of this action RPG shooter that wants to occupy a


space that we already saw debut, in consoles, with Destiny de Bungie, The Division is postulated as a pleasant surprise capable of offering a number


of proposals that make us think, really, that we are facing a title that may persist. Maybe not for years, but for a long time. This is one of the best games published by Ubisoft in recent years.

Seven days have passed in which we have slept rather little trying to know everything that The Division offers. A game designed to be played and retreated for months, which aims to triple the experience of the campaign with an endgame that is, on paper, the real hook of the game.


Go ahead that only time can show us if the experience The Division gets what is proposed, but after reaching the maximum level and check what we have “the day after” there is something that goes beyond the notes you can decide or the valuations that we can do today:


the potential is enormous. And it is because a lot of missions and tasks to be solved is added a Dark Zone that breaks with what we had seen so far.


The Division has been compared by active and passive with Destiny . And they have many similarities, in the same way that the game of Bungie with its expansion-version the King of the Possessed is surely superior to the Ubisoft title on several fronts, it must also be said that something like the Dark zone does not have the guardians of the title of the former Halo.

Tom Clancy & # 039; s The Division (PC) screenshot

The virus spreads

The staging of The Division is known to everyone. At a certain moment in history, humanity falls into chaos due to a virus that extends on the same day of Black Friday and that destroys our species. Our character, which we can create with a limited character editor, becomes part of the Division, a group created to safeguard the lives of those who try to survive before bands and


criminal groups that try to make this post-apocalyptic place an authentic hell. Our main task will be to work to help the neighborhoods of New York to move forward. To recover its people, to obtain supplies, to finish with villains or to restore some normality through


electricity. In fact, the argument will move to the background, becoming a mere excuse for us to do the dozens of tasks that lie ahead.

In our “first hours” we talk about the start of the game and what it offers in the first missions. The experience, it is important to emphasize it,


changes significantly after the initial 4-5 hours. And for good. In those first bars we will learn to control our character and we will make several missions of simple execution. Basically we are facing a third person shooter with an agile


coverage system that allows us to move between coverages in a dynamic and successful way, which has also been added a loot system so fashionable in this generation of consoles and a rise and improvement of skills as if it were an Action RPG. All this within a huge map full of missions to be done and with the cooperative as an essential element to enjoy the game.