The designer of playgrounds

 Theme park review

In short, the orphans of the rollercoaster tycoon series suddenly had something to choose from. Meanwhile, the title of Pantera Entertainment has practically stopped, apart from a series of updates that have made the first-hour buyers mad.


Let’s clarify right away: Theme park studio is not a video game in the canonical sense. By starting it you will find yourself in front of something more like an application, moreover very complex. The aim is to build amusement parks, but it does not go any further, since there is no economic simulation.


Once the work is finished, the park opens and visitors are seen to crowd it, but without having to worry about the tickets sold or to fail miserably because perhaps a Russian mountain has been built in the shape of a gigantic penis.


In short, the most strictly playful part does not exist, except to go around admiring one’s own work or that of others. 


The latest updates in particular have been dedicated to the implementation of VR functions. For the most critical were wasted resources, given that among the buyers of the game there are very few that have a viewer (maybe they hoped to sell some more copies).


Obviously there was no lack of criticism from the community, which did not look favorably on the work of the development team on a new feature, when there was still a lot to do on the basic title.

More an application than a videogame,  theme park studio game is finally complete and we have reviewed it

Theme Park Studio PC Gameplay


Finally, however,  theme park game is out and it is difficult to say that it is not what it wants to be: the most complex and complete editor of playgrounds on the market. The problem is that you can not frame it in terms of use, in the sense that as an editor it is too complex for an audience that is not ultra dedicated.


We are not talking about the average player of a RollerCoaster Tycoon any, but just someone who dreams of really designing a playground. 


In Theme Park Studio also placing a road is a complicated operation: you choose the segment, define its characteristics, attach it to an anchor point, manipulate it to fit the project you have in mind and then switch to the next segment.

The designer of playgrounds

At times it seems to be working with a professional software, although it must be said that many of these have much more intuitive interfaces of the title of Pantera Entertainment. In short, it is true that you can change many parameters that competitors dream of, such as those related to the physics of attractions, or the paths to be followed by visitors, only it does not make much sense to do so.


It is as if someone had created the editor of a game that does not exist.At this point, talking about the theme of Theme Park Studio is not secondary, since it is a title that can survive only if it has an active and productive community. Currently, unfortunately, this is not the case.


Something is found in the Steam Workshop, but we limit ourselves to a handful of interesting works, which we soon see. Probably many have been held back by the excessive difficulty of creating a complete park, which takes many hours and, initially, the consultation of the extensive tutorials offered.


However, it must be said that some custom attractions are better than the default ones, with the latter being considered as a simple starting point. Think that Theme Park Studio allows you to import mesh and models made outside the game and animate them, as if it were a real graphic engine.


Beautiful,One who is able to create and animate the 3D model of a carousel will hardly devote his time to Theme Park Studio for the glory , while the average user will not even understand what the hell we’re talking about. Above all: if one is able to realize the 3D model of a carousel and animate it, he can directly build the entire park in the 3D graphics program he is using … he would also have more outlets to show it!