The cult series South Park has been extended until 2027 – a completely new game in development

Creators “South ParkMatt Stone and Trey Parker started work on a new game in their famous universe. Users were informed about this by the publication BloombergThere was no official announcement yet

The details of the new game are not disclosed at this stage – it is only known that it will be three-dimensional… Studio, publisher and platforms are also not specified. They plan to be announced later.

The game’s development news came shortly after the announcement that South Park extended until 2027… As part of a deal with a company ViacomCBSwhich is estimated at $ 900 million, Matt Stone and Trey Parker will expand the series to 30 seasons (now it is 24) and will take part in the creation of 14 full-length animated films for the service Paramount +

The South Park creators also plan to work on new original projects for the Paramount + platform, not associated with South Park.

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