The Crew: Wild Run

New toys

can say that in this case the situation is repeated with Destiny: Taken of The King – twelve months ago left the game, not devoid of shortcomings and needs work.

A year has passed, and there is a supplement that makes the original is better. And there, and then to evaluate the results, you need to pay a certain amount. Discussions of how good or bad this practice, aside. In the meantime we study what a Wild Run and why it was necessary for of The Crew .

As is well known, addition has introduced several new types of transport. For example, a monster truck – related jobs require them to obtain the maximum number of points in the allotted time.

Tracks look like the ideal location for anyHawk’s Pro tony Skater , so only need to perform tricks while sitting in the car. Icons, giving 100 points, located on the ground, so to get to them too easy. And for the 500 and 1000 points will have to try, because they are either in remote places, or not at all in the air.

Another innovation – drag racing, which can quickly get bored, but still made to last. It consists of several stages, the first of which – slipping on the spot to warm up the tires.

Then – timely, pressing on the gas pedal, and after – the gear shift. The speed depends on how fast and in time a user clicks on a button when they are in the green zone. It was difficult to come up with something new in this mode, so its job creators managed.

The same can be said of drift – nothing original in it there, but every track wants pereprohodit again and again to improve your last result. In this rotation could enter except in the barrier could not crash, is worth click on the brake and protect themselves from accidents … In general, the drift was perfectly entered in the list of modes of The Crew .

Due to the speed of the new visual effects felt much better.

Wild Hunt pedestal

main innovation Wild Run was the so-called “Summit” – mode, where most add-events. Understand how to participate in it, is not easy at first – hanging advertisement does not explain in the main menu.

It is necessary to make progress in all the above modes and PvP – it is a kind of qualification for admission. Only then the player gets a “ticket” to this monthly tournament and compete there in the first place.

Another option of a pass – performing stunts in an open world, requiring a ride a few kilometers without any accidents, keeping to the right side of the road, drive past the 15 – 30 cars. It bored with it pretty quickly for several reasons.

Firstly, the game is often confused in the road sides and hard to prove to the user that he is on the opposite, even if it is not. Well and secondly, the traffic on the roads in The Crew is not so tight, to successfully carry out such tasks.

In addition to the machines of the type described above in The Crewadded motorcycles. No matter, you choose the Ducati or Kawasaki, the thrill of riding will be completely different.

As is the case with cars, motorcycles, each suitable for specific locations – some ideal for driving on asphalt, the other is designed for off-road. Unfortunately, no unique tasks do not come up to them, but there is nothing stopping to pass existing mission using this type of transport.

Completing them will often be much easier than by car, and in PvP at all possible to mock opponents, traveling ahead of them on the rear wheel – the main thing, do not hit.