The creators of Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile announced work on role-playing games for nextgen consoles on their own engine

Japanese studio tri-ace, known for creating role-playing series Star ocean and Valkyrie Profile, confirmed information about work on games for next generation consoles. Information about this is contained in fresh vacancies. In particular, the developers are looking for specialists in 3D animation and visual effects who will join the team of creators of “high-quality role-playing action games with breathtaking pictures.”

A separate line mentions that new projects are created on the own tri-Ace engine.

“We are not waiting for commercial engines that support new platforms like PlayStation 5. We develop our own engine ourselves.”

Technodemka tri-Ace, shown in 2011

Tri-Ace’s latest new major release to date is Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness… The game was released in 2016 on consoles Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 and was criticized by journalists. The average rating on Metacritic fell short of 60 points.

The developers later explained that they were creating the fifth part of Star Ocean on a very tight budget. The franchise belongs to the company Square enix

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