The creators of Escape from Tarkov refused to add women and enraged girls

Developer Studio Battlestate gamesthat created the popular multiplayer shooter Escape from Tarkov, decided not to add female characters to the game and this infuriated many girls, even those unfamiliar with the game.

On their Twitter page, Battlestate Games has left several new posts clarifying the situation with female game characters. According to, the developers said that there are already girls in the form of non-player characters in Escape from Tarkov. The developers also noted that in future story quests, girls will play a key role. However, developers still do not plan to add female characters to the game: “We will not add female characters because of the lore of the game and, more importantly, because of the huge amount of work associated with animation, fitting equipment, etc.”

Many users of the network, in turn, were not satisfied with this response from the Battlestate Games studio. The girls noted that such excuses no longer work, since the yard is already 2023. “Thank you for clarifying your position on sexism. I think that I will not buy the game after that, ”wrote one of the angry users. “Good luck with the game. I will not buy it, ”another supported her. In addition, many girls accused the developers of cowardice due to the fact that they hide behind the lore of the game so as not to add female characters to Escape from Tarkov.

It is worth noting that the developers had to leave their statement after Escape from Tarkov was at the peak of popularity in Twitch, and an interview from the developers made in 2016 surfaced on the network. According to, then the Battlestate Games company explained the absence of female characters by the fact that “girls will not be able to cope with so much stress,” and also because the battlefield in Escape from Tarkov is a place only for “seasoned men”. The studio noted that the interview was not taken from a key employee, and moreover, his words were misinterpreted. And yet, the studio had to explain to the gaming community.