The creators of Escape from Tarkov apologized for the words that women have no place in the war

In 2016, the portal Wccftech interviewed Pavel Dyatlov, one of the developers Escape from Tarkov, where he talked about the reasons for the lack of playable female characters in a hardcore action movie.

According to him, the team concluded that the level of stress in combat conditions is too high for the girls – they simply can not cope with it. Such tests can withstand only the most persistent men, says Woodpeckers.

Recently, thanks to the sharp popularity of the shooter on Twitch, these words of a specialist scattered across the media, after which Battlestate games on Twitter made a statement regarding the old interview.

An interview was given by a non-key studio employee, and his answers could be misinterpreted. They do not reflect the official position of Battlestate Games: we always respected female fighters.

Battlestate games

At the same time, Dyatlov was reprimanded and instructed in order to avoid similar situations in the future.

However, despite respect, Escape from Tarkov is still not going to add playable female characters: this is dictated by mythology and, more importantly, by a large amount of additional work for such an innovation, including the creation of new animations and the like.

Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore survival shooter where players find themselves in a location with other fighters and have to fulfill orders and stuff pockets with booty, and then get out with the loot. If the character dies, he will lose all equipment.

Now the game has suddenly gained popularity on Twitch: broadcasts with it have become one of the most popular in the world.