The Bunker

In the early ’90s, soon after on consoles and personal computers appeared CD-drives with them in the game came the so-called FMV – the caption, including with live actors.terrible quality rollers, compression artifacts and often obnoxious actor’s game (but sometimes with Hollywood stars), it was everywhere – in shooters like the shooting range, in between missions, space simulators and, of course, quests.

Considering screenshots from books such as

“The best games for the IBM PC 92-93», you can be sure – Photorealism in the truest sense of the reach and cooler look like games have simply nowhere.

And then the “iron” to learn to work with 3D, and igrokino extinguished. Disappeared from the screens of color monitors.

Although by themselves FMV left of the foundations of the gameplay, they become just one of the means to encourage the player, however, and there polygonal models soon supplanted actors.

But if everything is new – well forgotten old, and returned to us for a long time 2D-games and larger pixels, then why not pspoomnit of FMV?

Do not make the game in the style of old point-and-click quest, where all the characters, items, locations – real and filmed on camera?

The creators of Bunker and tried.

I must say that if you are caught “horror” in the genre list, and post-apocalyptic bunker for protection against radiation, where the game is, you rhyme with any Super Mutants, zombies well, or, at worst, looters in Last of Us style, then you are likely to come to the wrong address.

Because no monsters or bandits in the game. And even from the man depicted on the cover with an ax you run through the corridors and shine a flashlight do not have to. John, the hero Bunker, fared much worse.

He’s in one bunker. Completely alone.

So we are in England, about our time, but its alternative branch, where thirty years ago there was a nuclear war and of humanity is nothing left. Maybe not everywhere, and not until the end, but from the ground opposite one knows, and, except John and his unnamed mother, living people, we see only in the memories.

Gray, emaciated woman leaves her son last mandate – to survive, under no circumstances leave the rooms on the ground floor of the shelter. And dies. John remained in the bunker where he was born and spent his entire life. One in a tiny little world of a corridor and two rooms.

As days go by.

John lives on a schedule. Every day he takes vitamins (mother said, so it is necessary), measures the radiation (slowly but surely growing), turns from side to side of the knob on the radio, listening to all the empty air.

Runs the test life support systems (as usual, everything is normal). Eating, noting how many years, months and days he had left provisions.

At night my mother reads the fixed passages from the Bible and guide the young electrical engineer. Because although she does not answer, but likes to read.

So are the days, months, a year, but one day the unthinkable happens – the next time you run the test system fails. Knocks electricity, and it is necessary to replace the fuse.

Hence, it is necessary to leave the room and go down.

Do the creators turned Bunker story of a man who was born physically, but he was not in his life, and in her dressing room, as it were, in the inside-out of purgatory for not even born at the shower.

John desperately clings to the familiar world for him, wants to smooth things out and go home to my room, to my mother.

But events follow each other, and the need will drive farther down, away from the comfort zone. And down the hopper level, John is close to unlocking the secrets of the forgotten.

Gradually, remembering what happened to the other inhabitants of the shelter.

But so far I have not told the whole story, it is better to interrupt and to discuss how Bunker good as a game, and whether it is possible to call it that.