The best out of the house – September

After the time of PC release Ron Gilbert’s last effort had gained a flutist rating, we tested for you that for Nintendo Switch, the most anticipated among those consoles because the only one to ensure the implementation of tactile controls (in addition to portability, obviously).
As you have guessed from the fact that we have confirmed the vote (a 9th chorus), the version for the big N hybrid console is the one that came best after that PC, which can use the mouse that, for the adventures tip and click it is like the cake on the macaroni.
Ransome’s swearing or the sharp humor of Ray and Reyes agents has no price, and being able to explore the mysterious town of Thimbleweed Park at the tip of his fingers is immediate and fulfilling.
If you only have a vague interest in the pop culture of the last thirty years, for TV series like Twin Peaks and X-Files, for LucasArts’ point and click adventures, or just for humorous games, you just can not miss this little pearl from Kickstarter.
Then do not say we did not warn you.
The best out of the house - September
Metroid Samus Returns
The return of the sexiest sniper of video game stories proved to be a success beyond all expectations: Mercury Steam has handled the franchise with gloves, giving 3DS users (and unfortunately only to that) a long-lasting adventure, stimulating, with a good challenge rate and high level design.
Without anything to take out the first-hand titles developed by Retro Studios, we’ve been expecting a two-dimensional title for so many years, and although Nintendo’s mom is comfortable, the wait has been widely repayed: if we wanted to be fussy, we were no longer impressed so much from the new artistic direction that we found to be overly colorful, but this is mostly a matter of taste that does not, however, affect the overall judgment of one of the best titles in the rich 3DS family console bookstore.
If you have loved any two-dimensional episode that Samus has played as a protagonist, do yourself a favor and run for Samus Returns.
The best out of the house - September
Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony
The third episode of one of the most amazing surprises of recent years, out of nowhere and capable of winning millions of fans (especially in Japan, where Monokuma-mania broke out), Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony offers a worthy conclusion to the events in the early two episodes, staggering colonies, brutal murders, and a brand new minigames.
What he lost in terms of freshness and surprise effect, the product Spike Chunsoft earns him in terms of accessibility and genius of interweaving, thanks also to the usual, magnificent character design that has always distinguished the series.
We have reviewed for you the home console version, but that for Playstation Vita is identical in terms of content, even though it can count on a less bulky aspect.
If you were looking for a way to kill boring train trips or spend an evening on the couch in a different way than usual, you might have found it: Monokuma and her five children are waiting for you, with a gift in one hand and a knife in the other.
The best out of the house - September
Steamworld Dig 2
Amongst the many quality independent games that begin to overwhelm the Nintendo Switch’s virtual shop, we could not even point out Steamworld Dig 2, which also came out on Playstation Vita for a few days: the latest fatigue of Image & Form guys builds on solid casting bases from the progenitor, giving a tremendously fun adventure and plenty of things to do.
The abandonment of the random generation of maps in favor of a more balanced design level and cartography has emboldened the exploration phases, and the greater weight of role-playing elements deepen the gaming experience.
Just as on 3DS the star of Metroid Samus Returns shines, the Switch and Sony users can console with this product, which takes some styles and reads them intelligently.
And then, among us, the combination of wild west and steampunk we will never have enough.