The Banner Saga 2

Banner Saga 2 – this is not the second part in the usual sense. Usually in a game sequel to present a completely new story, new story, new mechanics, and often a new engine.

The second “Saga” is more like the second episode – mechanically it has not changed from the first part (by adding a couple of mechanics, new abilities and classes, but everything on it), the main thing is that it gives – it is the second portion of the plot, the continuation of the story.

Episode of her, however, to call too scary, because in comparison with modern episodic games, it stands out in size. It is not a tiny portion of an hour or two of gameplay.

I passed the first and second “Saga” in a row, and, despite the fact that I was in a hurry as I could, I took it for three days, for about 24 hours each.

If you are not familiar with this series of games, but want to play, start with the first. Usually, this is a controversial option – play now in the first “The Witcher», Mass Effect or Fallout pretty hard, far more logical to take on the latest, most modern and technologically advanced part, but there are no such problems.

Technically, the two games are the same, so “modern” you do not lose, but will start from the beginning of the story and the characters have time to learn before they will see what they will face in the sequel. In addition, the second part at the beginning offers download saves first.

Many events here affect the story, including the fact of the heroes who survive the first part of the adventure – to survive, to put it mildly, not all.

With this in mind, this review can be seen as both an overview of the games that will be more useful small Night and day difference and innovation – especially for those who have not played in the Banner Saga. I must say – I do not put a small number of differences in the wine sequel.

In the end, the original name of the first was Ira Banner Saga: Chapter 1. They were going to release a trilogy of pieces, so it’s not a bad thing. Besides, why change something that works so well?

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visual style

“5 reasons to play Banner Saga 2 right now” by Pasha Pivovarova -one kept within 7 minutes, I, as usual, stopped only on the ninth sheet.

At Banner Saga series has three main advantages: a gorgeous visual style, seriously addictive plot and great combat system, which constantly adds new Challenge, preventing bored.

The game looks like “Game of Thrones” (ironic that today, just leave the sixth season) with the Vikings, the adaptation of which was engaged in Disney fifties.

There are not a lot of animation in the cut scenes and dialogues (it almost does not), but all units in combat animation looks amazing – they are made with the help of rotoscoping, a process sketch of live actors, which was used in the creation of many cartoons.

However, with the picture is simple – you can see it in the screenshots and in commercials, they speak for themselves.

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Reference for shooting Rotoscoping

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Explain the merits of the story is more complicated, because the game story and characters that capture and falls in love himself no worse than those in the books – a rarity.

The most important thing here is not even the specific details of the history of the world or the characters, and the heavy atmosphere of the nations on the brink of extinction.

The world is on the verge of death in every other game, but “Saga Banner” really immerses into the feeling of the end of the world.

Food shortages, ruined cities, the population, which is forced to leave their homes and flee from the impending darkness, the people, and not people who do desperate unexpected things, trying to save his skin at any cost.

The world of “Saga” is inspired by the Scandinavian epic, but it’s still own universe inhabited by human beings, Varley (immortal giants with horns), konerozhdennymi (centaurs) and Drago (eerie creatures, clad in armor stone).

Varley has created one impatient god, mixing humans and Joks (local buffaloes), they live very long, but Varley – men and multiply, they can not, therefore, in fact slowly and inevitably die out.

Once Varley and people hated each other and were constantly at war, but the offensive Drahov forced them to unite against the common threat.

Drahov also created one of the gods, the truth is purely destructive purposes – they hate all living things and is actively trying to destroy it. As the story of both games, you’ll realize that everything is not so clear with them.

Your journey begins in a difficult time. The gods are dead, and the sun stood still at its zenith, the night is no longer follows day. Draghi, who seemed to have long destroyed in ancient wars back.

Their vast army swept away everything in its path. People and Varley are removed from their homes and are trying to find a safe haven, but they are being driven further to the west.

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The plot can not hit the original, but it’s not her. Based on it, the writers managed to build a truly epic story of the doomed people. In the first part you have played for Hakon, traveling with his caravan Varley east under a yellow banner, and a hunter’s hand, leading people to the west under the red flag.

The second part of the story, too, is divided into two narrative lines, replacing each other – and again this line Varl and human, their names – is a small spoiler to the first game, so leave it at that.

Let me just say that the heroes of the human line are two to choose from – one of them you have survived the first game, and the fact you are playing. character personality greatly changes the dialogues in the game, so do not admire accomplished writers can not work.

As the game progresses you and then have to take difficult decisions and make choices. Differences saga that Stoic finally did what we promise many RPGs – scene selection, which really affects the game.

whether the child was born or was found missing supplies – you as the leader of the caravan you have to decide how to proceed. Stop and celebrate the birth of a new life, to boost the morale of the people at the cost of time and supplies, or go further? Understand food theft or assign it to someone else?

Your every decision has consequences, but even more important is that the choice is not obvious. In other games, the options are usually pushed into polite or rude, altruistic or ruthless, take risks and safe (hello, FTL), here is difficult to divide them into some specific binary categories – and that’s fine. Moreover, it makes the choice interesting, it is also a great help in the dive world.

When because of your good intentions seem to die a lot of people, because you do not calculate the risks of their actions – it makes an impression.