The Banner Saga 2

Yes, there was some room for improvement, especially in the fighting, but even if it does not seem so, the truth is that once again pilgrimag


e for this Nordic fantasy we have been surprised by how Stoic has managed not only to solve some of the most loose from the original, but create a more rounded and enjoyable product.


In fact, the only promise that the study made and that we see less strict is to see The Banner Saga 2 as a completely independent game, which


can be enjoyed without having played the first part. Even more so when the title begins directly with the words “Chapter 8”. Yes they have made great efforts to try to mark a point and separate, but many characters and situations that


are referred to need to at least know the previous facts. And although the game is accompanied with a video that serves to “recapitulate” all th


e facts of the first, it helps more to refresh the memory for those who played than to put the player in situation. In addition, there are not many reasons why you want to start with this second part, beyond the expectation of its release.


First The Banner Sagaand you are reading this, go and buy it if the images interest you. You have it both on PC and consoles with translation (a little doubtful) into Spanish, while he returns to commit the ruse to come completely in English to be able to finance his translation.


Everything else is cleverly linked. The final “decision” of the first game means that this second installment may merit the most fans to be enjoyed at least twice, although little by little the facts come together more. The pattern continues to be divided int


o the same categories: turn – based battles of a challenging difficulty, decisions to make as a conversational adventure and the correct management of our resources according to each situation.



Fight in turn, life or death

But as the combats was what needed to be retouched, we go with them in the first instance. The boring and empty board of the original has been replaced by much more realistic scenarios. If there was an important point to remodel, it was that without

a doubt. Now each combat presents some more organic environments , with barricades and some natural pronunciations that will have t
o be taken into account in our strategy. Sometimes it has been achieved more than in others, since the studio seems to be somewhat afraid of creating a too intricate scenario without leaving en
ough movement to our units. Where it has been improved without prejudice is in history, which is no longer only told by the beautiful scenes drawn from plane to plane, but by filling inscriptsthese combats, with the intention of adding more story narrated now also through the confrontations against the strange and fearsome Dredge .


The Banner Saga 2 analysis

The Banner Saga 2 PC

The combat system has improved greatly, although the small board leaves no room for further improvement.

To deal with them, The Banner Saga 2 relies on new units , such as the poet , which is not very useful in short distances unless we need a


final blow, but able to add extra will points with their chants. The escudero , perfect to break the defenses of the enemies although at the exp


ense of theirs. And, of course, the new race, the Horseborn , centaurs that we will have to deal with on occasion, facing them, but who will also be able to join our ranks in the form of new heroes. A great addition that will require in addition to new strategies to face them.


Your heroes will not start completely from scratch, because of the experience accumulated in the first game, and we also have the possibility of importing our saved game from the first delivery with all that this implies for the decisions and events that too


k place there. But on the way we will find more and we can only make them evolve with enough cumulative fame . N


ow we need fame more than ever, so new methods have been included to achieve it. One of them is training and in it, we will be able to play challengesthat if fulfilled perfectly will give us fame. They will not be simple, we assure you, since you have to comply with all the conditions exposed.


The Banner Saga 2

Stoic has managed to hit the nail on the head when it comes to solving and deepening its own mechanics

The members of our clan finally have more use, too. For the first The Banner Saga, the usefulness of having many men was almost counterproductive, since in larger numbers, the greater the amount of resources we consume per day. Stoic wanted to solve

this problem that made many players keep the clan volume low, making use of them in the training store . With this, we can train in the nu
mber we choose to the clan members to turn them into fighters , who are the ones who will protect the camp when we are doing missions and combats, thus balancing much better all the variables to be taken into account in the game.


The Banner Saga 2 PC

The Banner Saga 2

The landscapes on the way to our uncertain destination continue to take our hiccups. Beautiful and overwhelming.

The rest you already know. Decisions , some of them hard on the new and tortuous road to take refuge in Arberrang, the great bastion of humans and that many times will make us lose members of the team whether we like it or not if we are not cautious.


 All accompanied, of course, by an artistic and sonorous section so unique and that makes this title so special due to its great beauty, with t


hose landscapes that take away the hiccups while the banner flies with the north wind. It is also supported by much deeper melodies, which, together with the poet and its strengthening songs, is capable of provoking more than a chill.


We never doubt that The Banner Saga 2 would be a great videogame. Yes we did that it was able to offer something more than what the first part already got. And although, in the end, it is the continuation of the epic that began two years ago, Stoic has managed to hit the nail on the spot to solve and deepen their own mechanics, justifying this new installment. And so, the banner continues its path in an endless struggle.