The authors of the series Cube Escape and Rusty Lake released the puzzle The White Door – review

Studio The rusty lakeKnown for a number of adventure point-and-click puzzles, she has released a project that developers themselves consider significantly different from their previous work. Although by genre The white door – all the same test of logic.

The protagonist of the game The White Door lives in a clinic, Robert Hill has amnesia. Each day of his life follows the same schedule, and only at night do fragments of memories return to him. Players will have to figure out what happened to Robert and restore his memory.

The game was made non-standard, on a split screen, so that we simultaneously monitor two fragments of what is happening. This is used in puzzle mechanics and complements the duality picture of the hero’s life.

The White Door at Steam received very positive reviews, you can buy it for 86 rubles at a discount. The game is also available on iOS, Android and in the store.