The authors of The Outer Worlds are not opposed to comparisons with Fallout, if they are in their favor – review

Your review of the fantastic role-playing game The outer worlds we entitled “Healthy man fallout“. And in this comparison were not alone. But the creators of the game recognizedthat the constant mention of the ancestor of the game post-apocalypse does not bother them.

Game directors Leonard Boyarsky and Tim Kane noted that The Outer Worlds can be compared to Fallout and other games, even Mass effect. But these comparisons are only good as long as they are in favor of their project. After all, a new game Obsidian Entertainmen very different from similar ones.

The creators of The Outer Worlds, Leonard Boyarsky and Tim Kane, were interviewed. magazine Game informer. And in it, in particular, they noted that the game owes its unusualness and eccentricity, in particular, to “dumb” options in the dialogs. The new heroes of Alcyone can win back the idiot, regardless of the level of intelligence, anytime, anywhere.

For the “stupid” passage, the scriptwriters had to compose special lines for all suitable dialogs. And the flaws invented by the authors can introduce an additional element of complexity for those who lack hardcore. You just have to accept all the phobias suggested, and the battles will cease to seem too easy.

As for plans for the future, the authors answered very evasively. Obsidian already has add-on ideas, and one of them is a studio Already working. But we can learn something specific only after waiting for the announcements.