The Archer’s Tale Can Be Played On PS VR – review

Russian studio Odd meter in May 2018 released in Steam your realistic medieval archer simulator Sacralith: The Archer’s Tale. The game received very positive reviews, and now it has been released on the PS4.

A console game, like the PC version, requires virtual reality devices, in this case PS VR, PS Camera, and PS Move. With their help, players can transform into an archer from a gloomy fantasy world.

The hero’s task is to help his fellow bots get to the Sacralit magic stone, which grants power over dragons. On the way they will meet many enemies, here our virtual bow enters into business.

The developers focused on the realism of the shooting process. Here we will not see the usual sight, instead we will have to master the technique and delve into the mechanics of the flight of the arrow. The only thing the creators of Sacralith could not convey is the weight of the heavy onion.

Buy console version of Sacralith: The Archer’s Tale Sony possible for 1400 rubles. The game is equipped with Russian subtitles.