The announcement of the remake of Resident Evil 3 – release in April! – addiction

Capcom announces a remake Resident evil 3, which will be released on April 3 on the PS4, Xbox One and PC!

In the debut trailer, Jill focused on just hinting at the appearance of Nemesis. According to rumors, the first-person episode is a playable prologue, which in the original game was a non-interactive movie.

Pre-orders Resident Evil 3 will start today – for them players will receive classic costumes of the main characters. [/ embed]

The project has been under development for several years: full-fledged production began shortly after the release of Resident Evil 7, but another Capcom team is working on the game – not the creators of RE7 or the remake of Resident Evil 2.

At the same time, as expected, the asymmetric action movie Project resistance will become a multiplayer component of the project. He, by the way, was renamed Resident Evil: Resistance.

Pre-orders have already started on the PS Store – 3499 rubles.

The appeal of developers with fresh personnel [/ embed]



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