“Terribly disappointed with the latest news”: PlayStation fans ask Sean Leiden to return to Sony and clean up the mess

Veteran PlayStation Sean Leidenretired from Sony Interactive Entertainment in 2019, supports those who are dissatisfied with the strategy Jim Ryan and Hermann Hulst fans of the brand with likes on the social network Twitter… Today the media have paid attention to this.

Recently, part of the PlayStation audience has expressed dissatisfaction with the decisions of the company’s management, which include the closure of the oldest Japanese studio SIE Japan Studio, full transfer of SIE Worldwide Studios to the production of AAA blockbusters, moving away from creating unusual experimental projects and shutdown of PS3 and PS Vita stores without prior warning to the developers. Many are also frustrated with the PlayStation 5’s backward compatibility and game upgrade system.

Today’s article by Jason Schreier made users think about Leiden once again. In their messages, they praise him and scold the current bosses, and the PlayStation veteran likes these posts.

“Please return to your position, Sean!” Wrote one fan, attaching a picture of Ryan (head of Sony Interactive Entertainment) and Hulst (president of SIE Worldwide Studios) with crossed faces. Leiden supported this tweet with a like.

Examples of other posts he noted:

“Sean, we miss you in the PlayStation ecosystem!”

“Your time has been one of the best in Sony history. Thank you so much for everything, and I hope you will come back!”

“I miss Sean Leiden, a true PlayStation hero.”

“I was very upset when he left. The current leadership does not pull.”

“It hurts to think that the PlayStation is doing bad things to their studios.”

“Listening to Sean, I felt like he was thinking about more than the money that the games bring.”

“Unfortunately, I doubt that without Leiden we will still see games from Sony in the spirit of Patapon, MediEvil or even PlayStation All-Stars.”

“The difference between Leiden and Ryan’s approach has become increasingly apparent over time.”

“Terribly disappointed with the latest news about PlayStation. Sony has always seemed like a company that provides creative freedom to its employees. It is sad to lose inexpensive but creative games. The situation also makes you wonder if the new Sony would approve such big new IPs as The Last of Us, Ghost of Tsushima and Horizon “.

“Sony completely lost touch with reality after Leiden left.”

At E3 2014, Leiden was proud to talk about how Sony has always supported and will continue to support exciting games, even if they are not focused on multi-million dollar sales. In his speech, in particular, he mentioned the classic project Vib-Ribbon from the first Playstationlater ported to PS Vita

“For me, this game is the embodiment of the spirit of the PlayStation. It has not sold millions of copies, but that’s not the point. Vib Ribbon was not afraid to go against the tide, was ambitious and gave gamers a completely new experience.”

Another PlayStation veteran has always pointed to Sony’s support for ambitious projects, Shuhei Yoshida… In times Playstation 3 he said that out of 10 games Sony published, only 3-4 could be very successful, but the profits they generated would be enough to cover the remaining 6-7. The result is a balanced lineup of unique author’s titles and blockbusters of different genres.

Now, based on the latest news, Sony plans to minimize risks and release more guaranteed greatest hits.

Six months before the release Playstation 5 and Xbox series x, after leaving Sony, Leiden talks about AAA game budgets and admitted that they really grew a lot, and this could lead to higher prices for new items.

He urged the industry to reconsider its approach to production and suggested, in particular, to try to make some games shorter, especially given the fact that many buyers do not complete them.

“All expenses go to labor costs, right? You don’t need to build factories, turn sand into glass. Everything is decided by creativity and the ability to gather like-minded people under one roof in order to create something outstanding. Everything is built on people, and budgets are set from these considerations. …

So maybe it’s worth taking a broad look at everything and thinking if we have any other alternatives? Maybe instead of creating a game with 80 hours of gameplay for five years, we will spend 3 years and give you an adventure for 15 hours? Will there be a noticeable difference in the budget? Is this an attractive option?

Personally, I am an aged player. I would gladly accept the return of AAA projects lasting 12-15 hours. Firstly, I would have been able to play through many more games corny. And, as with a well-written book or a filmed film, such a more rigorous approach would allow us to receive content that is equally strong and exciting in content, ”concluded Sean Leiden.

Ultimately Sony was one of the first to announce the move to € 80 AAA prices for PlayStation 5 games.

Prior to leaving Sony, Leiden served as Chairman of SIE Worldwide Studios. He never went into the details of his dismissal, but the media wrote that this happened against the background of his disagreements with Jim Ryan against the background of a global restructuring of the corporation’s gaming division.

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