Tekken X Street Fighter officially canceled – review addiction

Producer Tekken Katsuhiro Harada revealed that the fighting game Tekken x street fighter officially canceled – by the time the project was closed, work on it was completed by 30%.

As Harada notes, he would like to show the best practices – the models of the heroes turned out to be excellent. However, the rights to Street Fighter belong to Capcom, and it is simply impossible to release content without their consent. The developer did not say anything about the reasons for the cancellation of the fighting game.

A few years ago, Harada noted that post-release support for Tekken 7 has been so financially successful that it is now very difficult to justify releasing a new part. At least until the seventh is selling so well.

Tekken 7 was released in the summer of 2017, and by March 2022 the audience of the fighting game exceeded 7 million people.

Tekken x street fighter announced together with Street fighter x tekken in 2010 year. A feature of both games was the use of their own mechanics, but with additional characters from the partner series. At the same time, the Capcom game was released in 2012.

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