Tekken x Street Fighter Officially Canceled – 11 Years After Announcement

Fighting game announced back in 2010 Tekken x street fighterprepared by the company Bandai namco, was officially canceled – the final point in the history of the project was set by the producer Katsuhiro Harada and development manager Tekken 7 Kohei Ikeda

As the developers said, despite the fact that 11 years have passed since the announcement of the project, production Tekken x street fighter could not advance far – at one time the fighting game was completed approximately by thirty%… However, over the years, the team Bandai namco created a whole lot of ready-made assets, including character models. Harada would really like to show how heroes Street fighter would look in the realities of the universe Tekken, however, it cannot publish the created developments – permission from the outside is required Capcom

Exact reasons for cancellation Tekken x street fighter are not announced, but back in 2019, Harada noted that the success Tekken 7, for which new content is being created, calls into question the feasibility of further production of a crossover with Street fighter

Recall that the collaboration between Capcom and Bandai namco involved the creation Street fighter x tekken by the authors Street fighter and release Tekken x street fighter from developers Tekken… The first project was released in 2012, and the second was eventually canceled.

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