Tekken 7

Heihachi is back in charge of Mishima Zaibatsu and is ready to fight his son Kazuya, always ready to give up against his parent. Having created a true demon within his body forces the dean of the clan Mishima to get in touch with completely new characters, including Claudio, whom we had already known during last Gamescom : Italian and exorcist expert as well as head of the mysterious Sirius Hunts, the young fighter is one of the many novelties that Tekken 7’s roster and narrative arc will propose.

Among these we have found some very fascinating novelties, which also intertwine with the names of Lee Chaolan and Lars. We do not want to go too far in detail because of the Tekken 7 eventsrepresent a tremendous flashback that deserves to be tasted and understood, scattered and appreciated, to have in itself a real sum of the continuing conflicts between G Corporation and Mishima Zaibatsu.

During the eight chapters we played in just over an hour, the story allowed us to fight, in a completely scripted manner, with Nina Williams, Lars, Claudio, Lee Chaolan and also, at the end of our run, against Akuma.

The fighter borrowed from the Street Fighterroster ,as Harada had announced, has an important role within the affairs of the Mishima family, to create that link between Kazumi and Heihachi, which will put to the test the brave body of the defenseless fighter. Managing Akuma has given us the opportunity to appreciate the difficulty of the fighting as well: By dealing with the story mode with the difficulty set on the middle level we have repeatedly noticed how challenging it was to actually finish the fights.

One thing that can only embellish our experience, just because the Story Mode becomes a single player mode that will allow you not only to rock and comprehend stories that are never filmed, but also to find yourself in a real dojo that will forge and harden you for the next multiplayer.

Besides the novelties we have also been able to appreciate the renewed way with which we have proposed characters already introduced in old iterations, such as Alisa Bosconovich, reduced by the success of Tekken 6: thanks to its fast moving movements and the numerous combo that can be made with its detachable body parts, such as the head, Alisa gave us little satisfaction during the Story Mode, so much so that he almost regretted us for his brief comparing in the first eight chapters.

Tekken 7

Enjoy new, pleasing returns
The time available has clearly given us the opportunity to appreciate everything that we had duly signed up for Gamesken for Tekken 7from the point of view of gameplay.

The introduction of art rages has allowed us to overturn the most complex match and thus have the win in hand at the moment of the greatest difficulty: keeping the clashing to the end and then solving it by exploiting all the energy channeled was one of the the most commonly used strategy during our trial, above all to be the reason for those instantaneous clashes, exploiting also a cardiopalmic conclusion managed even with a bit of slow motion.

The storyline allows you to interweave not only one-on-one clashes, but also test yourself in survival modes, forced to face more fighters using the same bar of life, so keep an eye out for yourself.

Among the aspects that give variety to storyline stories, we also appreciated Harada’s choice of allowing us, as Lars, to have a very short third-person shooter called to use our machine gunner to deal with advancing soldiers: a unique moment, for all eight chapters, which we hope can be renewed perhaps even more difficult and then implemented more homogeneously to the difficulty of the proposed challenge.

It looks like a small white fly in a vast black swarm, but that’s a good idea to marry with those regressive choices that keep the rhythm of narrative high and prompt us to reward the narrative choices of the team: the phases they play alternate in adapted to the cutscenes, Unreal Engine that gives us a good definition of the characters, and then gives way to the fight.

Almost all the chapters required at least one clash, all of which were animated clips that justify our encounter in that environment, also highlighting some typical scenarios, including the one we meet with Claudio, pompously recreated and preceded by a show of great fighting ability of the Mishima clan.

Among the last things we are going to point out is the presence of the vociferata including that in which we will encounter Claudio, pompously recreated and preceded by a display of great combat ability of the clan Mishima.