Tales of Berseria

Not to say that I was not at all familiar with the genre, and your favorite games I have in it. Same Lost Odyssey from Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of the best “finalok” and the Cruise Chrono the Trigger (which I also love), do one of my favorite games. From Phantasy Star II I’m still impressed. And in the Tales series games I used to play, too. But all the good that I came across among the masses of Japanese rolevok – a drop in the sea, consisting of stamped plots beaten mechanic and visual design that Western players hardly go down. In the hardcore fans of JRPG, apparently, there are some reasons for all this love, but in the last generation of consoles stagnant genre brought him to a crisis state

Yes, and how far it go away on some fans? Any franchise should attract new players.

Berseria of Tales  – already 17, as it does not lie, part of the main series. They describe it as the first “adult” game franchise, quite dark and realistic. Good foundation to attract new fans. But is it all really ?.

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Of course not. All gloom here ridiculously willfully and beyond teen anime series does not go away. The main character Velvet lost everything because once a person close to her and now will do anything for the sake of revenge.

That’s the whole story: the girl breaks a “villain”, ready to kill all, destroy all, burn villages and towns. But the writers do not allow it, because she though unprincipled avenger, but should still remain nyashnye and attractive.

Something out of the ordinary, she makes a couple of times per game.

Basically all her determination – only in harsh words and stern look. On the development of the character do not count – Velvet only slightly softened, when her journey to join the boy reminds her deceased brother.

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Over time, the Avengers team will grow, but the images have to be expected for travel patterns. For example, Rakuro – mysterious samurai with a keen sense of duty, and therefore obliged heroine helps her, but hides some terrible secret. Madzhilu – whimsical funny witch with unstable mood, essentially replacing the obligatory teen-fidget.

But Isaac – a harsh judgment and clean-shaven, handsome pirate, cruel man, but in his heart, of course, gold. And, of course, the aforementioned boy, modest, pretty and knows the world – his eyes constantly on a wet place. And later in the same spirit.

Stereotyped characters – it’s not bad, but in order to penetrate these characters, they need a highlight detail that goes counter to the standard pattern. The “Bercero” heroes anything like that, they always behave exactly as you’d expect.

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Madzhilu (blonde) my soul, I confess, a fuse, but only because it’s his facial expression.

Among the villains find an outlet too failed. They can easily scatter in three categories: “I am doing evil for the greater good”, “I spit on the benefit, preying on the situation” and “I’m a fool, believe in all that I have said – to serve his country.”

Last sometimes change the direction of the conflict, surprise, right? This also add sea pathos – all the characters love to get up in heroic poses, and loudly calling their titles.

All these characters play out the drama against the backdrop of stories about demons infest the once peaceful land. The only interesting element in the story – the relationship between humans and demons who are not as unambiguous creeping thing, what we draw them in the beginning of the game.

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But whatever the pros I have not sought out in the stories, all of them destroys the visual design. This is the anime anime that you can imagine. Even directly in Japanese animation today find this a bit – in Tales of Berseria all eyes characters occupy a large part of the face, and the boys sure look, speak and behave as girls.

We, for example, try to show the “realistic”, not formulaic pirates, real sailors and thugs hell. But XO these harsh men – the young man (looked like a girl, of course) with golden curls and some chicken living in a hat.

We could not resist. Stern Gen. exorcists, wrestlers with demons, looks like it yesterday turned 12. Velvet whole game runs in torn clothes, emphasizing all its impressive beauty.

Bipedal seals here, too, of course, there is. If you have an intolerance of this – not even approach the game.

Bit saves only that Berseria sometimes she makes fun of all these cliches. For example, in one of the snowy locations NPC asks Velvet was surprised, not cold if she roam the streets in this form.