Tales from the Borderlands

Borderlands has always been first and foremost a game about shooting and millions of guns, with insane performance and appearance. But despite this, the writers each time managed to collect not only from the chaos of one world, but also to make it plausible due to the interesting characters and dialogue, full of humor.

That’s only one thing to listen to a pair of three-piece replicas between gunfights, and quite another – to give the residents of Pandora to speak freely throughout the game.

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Indeed, throughout the first episode on the screen madness is going on. Madness, from the sight of which there is an irresistible urge to shower screen bills, credit cards, small change – so I (and many of you, I think), missed a good show.

Who would have thought that the world of Pandora for a few years has grown so much that within it you can tell a great story, which includes the best features of Westerns, comedies, action and adventure movies?

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The game originated some time after the final Borderlands 2 (Pre-Sequel chronologically is between the first two parts), and thus to predict the final adventures of the characters impossible.

For those unfamiliar with the series, too, people have good news – the story Tales from the Borderlands is distinctive, and you almost do not lose anything from the ignorance of the universe. But then a great number of references, and the plot covers a rather important events for the series.

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Speaking of heroes. They are just two: Fiona and Fig. Rice – a typical office plankton from the “evil corporation» Hyperion, located in the orbit of the planet. Once, when a chance to increase the coveted turns humiliating reappointment to the post of superintendent of the toilets,

Rice decides to take revenge – destroy the boss career and take his place. The source of a sudden determination to become overheard a conversation in which talking about a very big deal. Sin not to take a chance, especially when their colleagues have a couple of sympathy for the cause of close friends.

On the other, the earth’s hand, a large brawl is about to get Fiona. Let me just say that she lives with two people who come to each other at the same time and family and accomplices. On Pandora, generally very difficult to live an honest wage, let alone talent for scams to bury no one comes to mind. Will Fiona natured Robin Hood or a heartless thief – it’s up to you. But do not forget that Pandora – a harsh planet.

The very idea of ​​a narrative divided into multiple lines is not new, but much more important than its supply. Stories and Fiona Rees intertwined not abstract but directly – to disentangle brewed porridge to be together. But there were no “porridge” in massive scenes.

For example, towards the end of the episode the characters will be under the roof of one building, which takes place at the same time multiple events.

If a player has seen what is happening only on the face, for example, rice, everything would have inevitably turned into a bunch of little. But it managed to avoid – camera, blending smoothly from one point to another scenario, it allows you to keep the pace of the scene and at the same time given to each character of the person as much time as necessary.

Specifically, the first episode does not miss an opportunity to make a bifurcated narrative even more cool chip. As you know, two people can tell the same story quite differently.

This is what happens: there, where Rhys version he was a master of persuasion and a great psychologist, according to Fiona turns out that the would-be businessman on his knees begged for desired.

Humor – this is what we almost did not see Telltale Games for several years, and yet people are able to live and to experience positive emotions, not only shed tears of sorrow. Thank you for reminding me!