Tales from the Borderlands

The graphic adventures are re-merged with licenses of other genres with the particular vision of Telltale Games in Tales from the Borderlands , a spin-off of the popular and carefree FPS owned by 2K .

After delighting the public with the adventures of The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones in addition to premiere with the first episode of Minecraft , Telltale brought on sale on October 20 the fifth and final episode of his saga dedicated to Borderlands , with its own identifying elements but without renouncing the mechanical brand of the house.

Tales from the Borderlands - Episode 3: Catch a Ride (360) Screenshot

Once again, Telltale Games has decided to respect both the artistic style that is usual in the saga to which he pays tribute and his background and, in this case, his carefree air and his black humor, combined, as usual, with winks to others great video games or movies in each and every one of the five episodes that compose it.

Throughout Tales from the Bordelands, as we say, we will find several characteristic elements in the Telltale games, such as the continuous decision


making in a given time throughout the dialogues or the long cinematics that can reach put in check the attention on the keyboard that may have some players, because, sometimes, we will be several minutes without having to do anything other than looking at the screen.

Tales from the Borderlands (360) screenshot

In the game is also bet, once again, the almost abusive use of the QTE but, however, throughout the development of it, accompanying these events in which we will have to devote to pressing the correct buttons in at the right moment we will find several of the most crazy,


funny and bizarre scenes (in the colloquial use of the word not admitted by the dictionary) that we have ever seen in a video game. In addition this peculiar tribute to Borderlands in the form of graphic adventure also has its own mechanics, such as the possibility of using the bionic eye of one of the characters to detect different


elements that will allow us to advance in the adventure, as well as buy different items or make use of other somewhat different mechanics, such as invoking a robot (Loader Bot ) customized to our liking, and that will have something to say in our history,


in addition to having a large number of moments of action that we will solve, for the most part, pointing with precision of our mouse (although it will be very difficult not to hit in our goal) or with the aforementioned “Quick Time Events” of which Telltale often abuses in all its games.

Tales from the Borderlands (360) screenshot

The positive part with respect to other titles, such as Minecraft Story Mode that we talked to you a few days ago, is that both the mechanics and the story are this time aimed at a more adult audience, with a deeper load and with a lot of phrases loaded with irony or with double meaning, in addition to a rather acid and exaggerated humor, characteristic, on the other hand, of unier Borderlands. As we clarify a few paragraphs ago, in addition, there will be no shortage of winks to other works such as Mortal Kombat, Frankenstein, World of Warcraft, and even some television ads or American popular culture.

However, despite the fact that the story is one of the most interesting and emotional Telltale has told us in any of its games, with several branches that we will have to follow and a great plot load that will fully capture the attention of the public, growing and increasing its interest chapter by chapter until concluding in an unmatched fifth episode in addition to providing us with a respectable amount of hours of play (calculated from 2 to 3 hours per episode) there is something in it that hinders its experience for the public of our country, which it is not another thing that we find it completely in English, an element that plays against when history plays a role as relevant as in this genre. In addition, the language used is not too simple, precisely because of those winks, for that touch of humor and those jokes with double meaning,