Take-Two wants to sue the authors of the remaster Red Dead Redemption for PC

Publishing house Take-Two Interactive decided to move his fight against the enthusiast to the courtroom Jonathan Wyckoff (DamnedDev) and his partners who decided to create a remaster on PC Red dead redemption based version for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

It’s about the so-called Damned enhancement project. According to the original idea, Wyckoff wanted to modify the game for emulators Xenia (Xbox 360) and RPCS3 (PS3) by updating graphics, textures, recycling clouds, and so on.

However, problems arose in September, as Take-Two Interactive threatened DamnedDev with problems. The development of the project was frozen for several months. When it was resumed, the publishing house’s lawyers appealed to the court, stressing that they repeatedly warned Wyckoff about the possible consequences of copyright infringement.

Damneddev officially announced project cancellationbut the process has already been started. The lawsuit from Take-Two Interactive hits not only the Damned Enhancement Project, but also RDRII Project. The second project involved moving the card from Red Dead Redemption to Red dead redemption 2, allowing you to play the game on a platform for which Rockstar has not yet released a version.

The next point is especially interesting. Lawyers indicate that the RDRII Project may reduce the interest of players in the future purchase of Red Dead Redemption in the form of the official PC version or add-on for Red Dead Redemption 2. It is possible that the company is simply trying to play it safe with this wording.


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