Take-Two sues author of Red Dead Redemption fan remaster – review

Publishing house Take-two filed to court on Jonathan Wyckoff, author of a fan remaster Red dead redemption for Xenia and RPCS3 emulators. Enthusiast already updated page of your project on the site GTAForums, noting that its development has been canceled.
At the end of August Wyckoff published The first trailer for the unofficial remaster of Red Dead Redemption. He hoped that Take-Two would not be able to cancel the project, since to run it on the emulator users would need to buy the original version of the game.
The author planned to release the first version of the remaster in December this year, but in early September announcedthat suspended work on the project after a call from Take-Two representatives. In November, Wyckoff resumed development, which prompted the publisher to go to court.

In his lawsuit, Take-Two notes the following two points. First, Wyckoff intended to transfer the entire RDR card to RDR 2. The company believes that this will radically change the gaming experience in the second part, as well as reduce the interest in buying future releases on RDR or a card of the first part for RDR 2. However, the publisher does not declare that it intends to release something similar.

Secondly, Wyckoff intended to use files GTA V and RDR, to significantly improve the graphics and performance of the western, as well as give players the opportunity to play RDR on a PC where the project is not available officially. Thus, Wyckoff will destroy the market for the official updated version of the game from Take-Two and create a competitor for the PC version of RDR 2.

Apparently, now an enthusiast will be able to continue developing his remaster only if he wins in court.