Tactical RPG Arcadian Atlas released a story trailer – review addiction

Studio Twin otter and publishing Serenity forge timed to the exhibition gamescom 2022 story trailer for a future isometric tactical RPG Arcadian Atlas… In it we find ourselves in the destroyed kingdom of Arcadia, where it depends only on us whether it can rise from the ruins.

Vile plots, treacherous conspiracies and secret intrigues are tearing the country apart as ancient evil forces begin to awaken. To save Arcadia, we have to assemble an elite group of adventurers from over a dozen classes, each with unique skills and equipment.

The fate of our heroes and the entire kingdom will be influenced not only by the outcomes of strategic turn-based battles. The rich storyline will force us to make difficult, emotional decisions. And Atlas, a force capable of instantly changing life, will participate in all this.

Arcadian Atlas is out in Steam in 2022.

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