Remember how every self-respecting boy in his childhood collecting machine, exchange them, disassemble the parts and just playing with them?

The parents came home from work in the evening, could not find their own room: there the middle of the pile of pillows, books and furniture were full-scale competition for the title of the best riders of the living room. Trails going improvised and racing discipline determined by the size and weight of toy cars. Table Top Racing: World Tour gives a second life to these children’s imagination and allows you to re-drive the house on the fun of plastic machines.

Review of Table Top Racing: World Tour
Facilities that can be collapsed, are highlighted in pink.

Of course, the main feature of TTR was her original and painstakingly researched entourage. If the modern big-budget driving simulations can take a ride on the famous race tracks such as the Nürburgring, the Table Top Racing naively invites you to break in marble kitchen countertops and bath rugs. Once in the world of miniature cars, all mundane objects look in a new way: aluminum spoon becomes a serious obstacle, the CD-player uncompromisingly blocks the path, and VCR leviathan hangs over the tiny racers. Oil filters, spray cans, screwdrivers – a variety of obstacles generously scattered trails Table Top Racing. Racing paved the way quite ingeniously: toy cars jump on a cutting board in the kitchen, the old license plates act as a springboard,

The rest of the Table Top Racing does not go beyond the genre of arcade racing. It has several game modes ranging from classic events for up to races with weapons and drift. Set of dirty tricks by which rivals can be derived from the game, it is quite standard: freezing, rocket launcher, corrosive acid, mines and a few other bag of tricks.

Despite the general mood of the comic, in the TTR presented a surprisingly decent fleet. Fans of racing will be delighted: in the garage there are toy copies of the most popular and iconic cars. Of course, no license from the actual automakers from developers was not, but it did not prevent them to create recognizable images of famous cars. That’s great – car models look literally toy: they have a disproportionately large wheels, low roof – very reminiscent of miniature replicas of Hot Wheels. The Table Top Racing has three competitive disciplines, depending on the power of the car. For each category available for four cars, and replenish the fleet of the game offers already for real money.

Review of Table Top Racing: World Tour
For example, this terrible snarl immediately recognizable Nissan Skyline r34.

After buying the car a few minutes it takes to setup. Of course, clear up your inner avtokonstruktoru not give, but to change the colors and wheels allow developers condescending. Earned in races coins can be spent improving more and car specifications.

But, despite all the manipulations in the garage, leaving the track, you realize that all the machines are felt about the same. Arcade physics, in turn, does not get lost in the management of, and competitors quickly left behind. If you like a seasoned pilot, such alignment is not satisfied, you can put on your car drifting tires – handling significantly reduced.

When bored humiliate computer opponents, should go to the multiplayer, where your racing skills quickly questioned. Local multiplayer mode, which seems to suggest in any arcade racing, not here.

Review of Table Top Racing: World Tour
One of the side quests – that such a race on the “bugs”.

Ask playing the right tone, voice swift pursuit and increase drive from the control maslkarom powerful – with all this music is always good. TTR playlist consists of a highly dynamic electronic compositions. If desired, from the soundtrack can make high-quality DJ-set, under which is not ashamed to even move an inveterate party-goers.