Syberia 3

“It’s better if you’re using a controller,” and in general a lot of details about the title seem to squeeze the eye more into a console experience than to a traditional graphic adventure. On these aspects we will return better afterwards: instead, we want to concentrate on the narrative, which gives many points of analysis.

The choice in this field was apparently simple: to continue with the story told in the first two chapters, or to propose something totally new. Developers, however, have chosen a hybrid route that somehow draws on the first adventures of the protagonist, Kate Walker, but without completely linking the story to well-known figures of Hans Voralberg and company.

All in all, it is possible to say that Syberia 3 could also be played by those who did not enjoy the first two acts, though the understanding of the whole gaming world is obviously lower.

Anyway, after leaving Hans at his end at the end of Syberia 2 , at the beginning of the game we find Kate virtually dead point: it will only be the help of the Youkole tribe that will allow her to stay alive but not without some difficulty. For some reason, ours will awaken in the clinic of the naughty Dr. Olga Efimova.

This is in the midst of a equally obfuscated general, determined to stop the advancement of the Youkole, engaged in the migration of the snow ostriches. Throughout this, Kate will offer to help the indigenous population, embarking on a journey to the world

.Let’s say yes, in many sequences of the game the tone of the story is from Syberia : there are the remote and snowy villages, extravagant characters, mechanical automata, oppressive and decadent post-Soviet atmospheres. 

Adding non-memorable antagonists could go into the background if, however, the whole plot did not give us a general feeling of incompleteness. In general, the story of Syberia 3 is not entirely evil, but leaves more than a doubt, especially in the final, reachable after about 15-20 hours of play. A size too much On the front of gameplay, Syberia 3 

Syberia 3

it offers obvious changes to create a potentially more fluid experience, especially on consoles. In fact, the game environment passes from 2D and a half of the first chapters to 3D, with a substantial change in the control system, which now delivers the Kate movement with the classic WASD keys (or the left pad stick).The consequences are not very positive in terms of accuracy, since with the pad we had to fight multiple times with the right trigger, delegated to the detection of hot spots.

We did not have the chance to try the PC version, but on this version it seems that mouse problems and poor compatibility with the Xbox pad have jumbled to more than one player. Overall, the entire system is unclear, woody and very reactive, also because it has difficulties both in moving locations and interacting with objects.

In this regard, the use of gaming environments is often influenced by the exact positioning of the camera which, in some cases, has forced us to lose some time due to a presumed bug that blocked the view, no longer following our movement.

Even the inventory has undergone a rather intuitive restyling, which is now in a kind of semicircle in which one has to scroll the collected elements one by one. A solution that often compels a list of objects that, especially during the final stages, will be quite large.

Syberia 3

A tricky ride
The Syberia 3 puzzles are one of the elements of the game that most recall the old chapters, at least conceptually. Even in this act, the challenges will often be of a logical nature, and will concern the elimination of an obstacle preventing Kate and his fellow adventure from advancing.

Although we do not go into detail, we can say that we will often find ourselves in situations not very dissimilar to those of the first two chapters, where the advanced Oscar-led train was interrupted by various types of puzzles to complete.

The execution of many puzzles, most often pleasant, however, is not always satisfactory yet due to the commands. The poor precision of the pad in these scratches does not help, as well as the not entirely ideal detection of the hotspots delegated to the right trigger. Another problem is represented by wrong game design choices, or at least inadequate.