Sword Coast Legends

Fifth went to … 

Sword for Coast The Legends is built according to the rules of modern fifth edition of D & D. That is a classic CRPG’s party, where the game constantly throws an invisible cube, comparing a bunch of options and making saves, battles are allowed at any time to pause and you can hang a couple of hours only on the character creation screen.

Five races, six classes, seven branches of abilities for each class, the opportunity to choose subrasu, biography, philosophy (yes, the very “chaotic good”, “neutral evil” and so on), and even the voice of a character – there is something smash his head.

Initially available one hero, but in the story campaign for him will be joining his partner, and you will have to personally develop them, and to equip himself well to choose who to bring to the next task (detachment is designed for four people).

Together they will fight, to communicate, to perform numerous quests and explore the intricate catacombs, tombs, ruins and sewers. Plus global travel map of Faerun and chat with residents of the coastal city of Luskan, sunk in the crime and the smuggling.

From sadness to joy

, however, the quality of “vast and complex story campaign,” which promised the authors Sword for Coast The Legends , at first in doubt.

It seems that the dialogues and quests did not write Dan Tajand the company and novice fans using the built-in game editor. “Hi! What happened? Let me help! – Help to find the brother / sister / lost goods. Bring mushrooms / collect samples of mucus “- up! Dragon of Age: Origins here as the moon.

Companions seem to be boring and formulaic, and their obsession to repeat the same phrase every ten seconds, just bring to a white heat. The same thing I want to say about the awkward camera that you need to constantly move and rotate.

Sword Coast Legends Game Review

Wizards and priests do not spend time to prepare spells, do not spend it mana, and the number of uses of “spell”, in contrast to the Pillars of Eternity, there is no limit.

However, things are improving gradually. Firstly, twisted spiral trivial intrigue: the heroes of our nightmares, where they speak the demons, and soon they begin to chase vermin hunters. Friends and comrades killed before our eyes, a native guild burned to the ground, and do not understand who we really are.

Secondly, there are more interesting quests. In Luskan, for example, will have to carry out several investigations to steal a wooden leg at the homeless and even wake the sleeping beauty. Companions begin to share intimate details of the private life and to deal with requests for help – one of them, for example, ran away from home and now is afraid to communicate with the birth mother, but the fault of the other inhabitants of his village were killed.

The dialogues are increasingly given the opportunity to use different parameters to somehow influence the interlocutor. We periodically become a choice – which way to get into the closed city, work on smuggler, substituting an innocent man, or not, and so on.

Seek and ye shall find

Yes, the quality of dialogue, diversity of quests, the complexity of moral choice – all this still does not reach the level of Dragon of Age: Origins , Pillars of Eternity and Neverwinter Nights 2.

And yet the storyline campaign wants to pass through. Largely because the game constantly challenging and sometimes throws up a very strong contenders. As a result, even on normal difficulty pause is necessary to use almost all the time, to decide who is who, what and how to beat. In addition, often your players for some reason refused to respond to the enemies who are beaten by their allies – have to poke their nose into the goal.

Sword Coast Legends Game Review

Some traps can lure enemies.

In addition, it is interesting here to look for a new outfit, to solve non-trivial puzzles to spend some ritual, an important open door or gain another “my beauty +5 fire damage.” Finally, it is interesting to explore the dungeons and catacombs-enabled search modes to find the traps, caches, arms and doors. By the way, “pumped” skill search and often helps to solve some quests where you have to find, for example, a hidden trapdoor or letter.