Switch Dead Version Red Dead Redemption II Appears On Spanish Retailer’s Website

Rumors about Switchversions The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt once perceived as a kind of savagery, however, with all the limitations of the platform, the iconic RPG studio CD Projekt RED eventually came out on a hybrid system Nintendo, proving that with a proper approach to porting, the iron console is quite capable of stretching even such titles. Perhaps one of the following projects will be Red dead redemption ii.

At first, users thought that the gamepad icon had been detected by dataminers. Procontroller Nintendo switch in the RDR II texture files, and Today the Spanish retailer added fuel to the fire Instant gamingwhose directory has recently appeared Switchversion of the Western Rockstat Games. Information available on the game page indicates that the release of the port should take place before the end of 2023.

True or not, it’s probably hard to say. Previously, retailers have repeatedly leaked reliable information, but there were not a few reverse cases as well. To this is also worth adding the fact that the other day to the network from the internal database of the trading network Gametop leaked sheet with identifiers of twelve unknown games for Nintendo Switch. In the past, such lists became the harbingers of upcoming presentations. Nintendo Direct, and the nearest one, judging by the experience of past years, should pass already in January.

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