Swedish Discrimination: Paradox Interactive Complains about “Culture of Silence”

Swedish publishing house Paradox Interactive refused in the middle of a loud scandal. The reason was a survey of 133 company employees, organized by trade unions, conducted in August 2022 Unionen and Sveriges Ingenjörer

It found that 44% of respondents had experienced rough treatment in a publishing house. Most of the problems are observed in the Swedish office of the company, which employs about 400 people.

69% of women interviewed have experienced abuse. The indicator among men was 33%.

There is a “culture of silence” flourishing at Paradox Interactive, according to staff. Employees feel that their complaints are not being properly handled.

“Abuse is a systematic and all too common problem at Paradox,” the report says.

Paradox Interactive management has already responded to the problem. For this, a third-party company will be involved, which will check the internal structure of the publishing house and conduct a new survey among employees.

Interestingly, the results of the work of the trade unions were published a few days after the departure of the CEO of Paradox Interactive Ebba Lungerud… According to the official statement, the reason was the disagreement within the framework of the development strategy agreement.

New CEO Frederick Wester also denies any connection between Lungerud’s dismissal and cultural issues.

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