Sven, what about the face? Overview of the new chest in Dota 2

Valve has added a new Frostivus 2019 Treasure chest with characters to Dota 2. Items from the 2019/2020 winter collection received Ancient Apparition, Mirana, Dark Willow, Ursa, Tiny, Death Prophet, Alchemist, Treant Protector, Bane and Leshrac. Designers drew face and hair for the Sven image instead of the usual helmet.

Frostivus 2019 Treasure costs ₽160. The image on Ursa is rare, and on Tiny it is very rare. Other skins can be obtained with the usual chance. Valve also added an Arcana quality item for Ogre Magi to the game, which can be rated here.

December 19 in Dota 2 began the New Year event Frostivus (“Coldness”). During this event, users can receive valuable prizes, details – by reference.

Source: Dota 2