Support Project Northmoor: The Lord of the Rings Actors Rescue JRR Tolkien’s Home

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The cast of films from the series “Lord of the Rings“and”The hobbit“decided to join forces in order to preserve the house of the great British writer for posterity J.R.R.Tolkien… This is a crowdfunding initiative that was named Project Northmoor.

As Sir explained in his video message Ian McKellen, there is still no literary center in the world dedicated to creativity Professors… AND Project northmoor should fix it.

The activists intend to buy and renovate 20 Northmoor Rodud in Oxford, where Tolkien lived a significant part of his life. The aesthetics of the 40s of the last century will be restored.

However, the task is daunting given the high property prices in the UK. Just to buy out Tolkien’s house, it is necessary to raise four million pounds. Another 0.5 million will be spent on renovating the building.

There are other goals as well. If an additional £ 100,000 is raised, a scholarship fund will be created that will allow low-income people to attend creative courses at the center free of charge.

Having collected another 200 thousand pounds, the activists want to build a hobbit house in the garden. Another 200 thousand – and a room for celebrations and a room for those who like to smoke a pipe of tobacco, made in the style of the lair of the dragon Smaug, will be built.

Actors also support Project Northmoor John Rhys-Davis, Martin Freeman, sir Derek Jacoby, illustrator John Howe, writer Julia Golding, singer Annie Lennox, former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, the lead author of the fan portal Cliff Broadway and many others.

It is also interesting that the announcement of the crowdfunding campaign was clearly synchronized with the release in digital services of the updated version of the trilogy. Peter JacksonLord of the Rings“.

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