Super Mario Odyssey Review

Narrami, or muse, of the multiform hero who so wandered after seeing his kidnapped prince: many men saw the cities and knew the thoughts, many pains suffered in the sky in his soul, to regain life and the return to his beloved Peach.
The temptation to re-adapt the proemio of Omero’s homonymous poem was so strong that we could not avoid it from doing so. The term Odyssey , which has its origin in Odysseus (Ulysses), can be beautifully understood through these words, which in turn are the perfect counterpart to what you will play in the game.
I would like to refer to words of a far but well-known text and not to references in the game, in order to avoid in any way providing more information than they may possibly rob you of some of the surprise that the game can reserve. You just need to know that in Cappy’s company, the above hat, you will be taken on a voyage to the Odyssey, a hat in the form of a hat, to prevent Bowser’s marriage from being damaged by Peach.
As an Odyssey, to juggle yourself between the dangers of a land or to confront and help the inhabitants living there you will have to use physical and artificial means as well as often a combination of the two.
The typical platform of the series abounds and fits in with incredible quantity and quality of puzzles, boasting an even greater combination of settings and possible Mario transformations.
Mario can jump and move in very different ways, which in themselves make it difficult to deal with the sections devoted exclusively to him, but which are even twisted depending on the character he takes on, in a continuous and fluid adaptation of our play.
The main objective of the action is the moons: the fuel it needs Odyssey to continue its journey. But not only because there is room for hunting coins, both general ones and local ones typical of each kingdom, with which to buy unique items and clothing.
The number of moons available for each single kingdom is beyond any imagination and is testimony to a literally enviable rewritability.
The time it takes to see the queue titles is, in fact, totally child of the ability to get lost on the exploration paths: our ten hours could become six to seven or sixteen without much effort. Not to mention that the end of the journey will be nothing more than a new start, and here we stop.
Super Mario Odyssey Review

The evolution of a genre

One of the main reasons why Super Mario Odysseyit stands to masterpiece, and we have no fear of admit it, it is because it appropriates the concept of hybridization evolving. Starting with Cappy, the title structure is developed, which implements functionality inherently linked to everything else, both on the functional and on the accessory level. Dressing up with a suitcase can open certain otherwise precluded areas (functional), but dressing appropriately to the weather will not make us feel cold or sweat on the heat (accessory).
The puzzles are one with platforming so much that there is no continuity between solving each other and vice versa. Some sections are obviously simple, while others test the skills mastered in the adventure: ending the adventure is in fact quite a convenient practice, but at the same time complete mapping of a map is really difficult. As soon as we landed on a kingdom, we were given direction to get the job done to complete the story, but it is up to us to choose whether to continue on this road or to explore.