Sunset Harbor will be the ninth major addition to Cities: Skylines – review


Studio Colossal order introduced another major expansion to the urban simulation Cities: Skylines. Addon Sunset harbor will be the ninth addition to the game. And he will build a picturesque city on the shores of the bay.

Five more new maps will now be available for city building. And where there is the sea, there is fish, so a new industry comes into the game – fish. It includes both fishing cooperatives and fish farms.

Players will be able to use the new wastewater treatment plant to supply the city with water and improve waste management through new recycling plants.

Many innovations are planned in the field of public transport. Players will be able to lay new bus and trolleybus routes and metro lines, and then build transport hubs so that citizens can quickly change trains.

And to completely get rid of traffic jams, you can develop aviation. Passenger helicopters and small planes will not only quickly deliver anywhere, but will also add to the city’s attractiveness and increase the level of entertainment.

Sunset Harbor will be released March 26 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The developers refused to release add-ons on the Nintendo Switch due to the weak power of the hybrid console.

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