Sudden Strike 4. Never trust a beta version!

When the end of June Gambling spent several hours in the preview version of Sudden Strike 4 , we had some doubts. The game is like a beautiful and exciting, but short and not without technical drawbacks.
 As if the squad, who will soon have to attack – to release a little over a month – was not ready for outing, because supply vessels again made a mess of ammunition. After that, we seriously doubted whether the forces in the revived series is enough to motivate the players …
Well, she’s got strength. But they are unlikely to last long.

Podkalibernym pli!

German blitzkrieg started!
Habitual gesture we press the button start of the campaign and notice that the progress of the mission remained. We could not help smile and begin to figure out the structure of a future review of … And then the German tanks under the command of our encounter resistance of the Soviet troops.
Literally. Gray “Panzer” at full speed and demolished the skeletons of enemy tanks, and those colorful scatter in the surrounding fields, leaving a trail of burning wreckage. The preview version was not like this!
On the other side of the front is not very happy about this development of the situation, and on the tanks begins to run out loud artillery.
We do not see any flashes on the mini-map, but very well hear from which direction the projectile flies. He arrives, breaks, and on the map is a colorful medley of bodies on fire tankers, which throws in different directions by the blast. The curtain can be loaded again.
After the reboot, we act already more cautious, let the infantry forward, do not forget about the artillery and tank form a “fist” for a more effective impact. Tactic is paying off, the front line is broken and begins systematic cleaning card.
Well, there already and you can look around.
Sweet charm of a terrible war.
Almost immediately it becomes clear that all combat arms from the time of our acquaintance with the beta version twirled much intelligence or good topographic maps issued infantry easily find workarounds and tanks, like giant iron cancers, skillfully move back if encounter obstacles. Similarly, equipment behaves when on the march gets under antitank shells.
However, we can not say that the roughness logistics completely disappeared. When the rubble ruins of the city or on the narrow bridge there are tracked and wheeled equipment Allied units long can not figure out who should go first and create the throng – and enemy artillery and aviation happily use it.
The infantry does not lag behind the tanks. Compared with a preview version, the soldiers agile leap over trenches, under the branches bend down on the run and quickly fall to the ground, he heard gunfire nearby. If defeat is inevitable, soldiers wisely thrown arms and surrendering – now you can not shoot them under any circumstances. It is all very nicely displayed even on relatively weak computers. If your computer is powerful enough, you can see a picture worthy of the best blockbusters.
Detailing battles pleasantly pleasing to the eye.
The enemy is not always showing the wonders of strategic and tactical thinking, especially at lower levels of complexity. But as it is changing dramatically – you begin to cherish every soldier, regardless of whether it is a machine gunner or a simple soldier with a rifle.
In battles with a clever adversary often helps reinforcements, which directly depends on the military doctrine you. But even if reinforcements do not wait, and your tanks blown up by a mine and came under fire of artillery, you can always find a way – for example, in the form of a damaged enemy vehicles on the map.


On the field tanks drove …
If you are lucky, then after the local skirmishes, you will discover on the map a few pieces of equipment that can be assigned with a clear conscience. It is enough to put any foot soldiers in a tank or gun. But remember that the tankers are almost useless in combat against infantry. If any of the tanks shot down and the crew survived – take care of it for captured equipment.
In particular, for tankers and repair vehicles. Not on each card you are lucky with these machines, and can have your very inappropriately result in supplies.
Regardless of the level of complexity, the fuel and the amount of detail in the art repair and supply is limited, so do not get all the mission to ride on the level and repair the wrecked tanks – the more so that repair can only be critically damaged equipment, and return thus can only be half the strength.
Headlights in combat – a very controversial decision.
The same can be said about the infantry: after a hard fight card will be strewn with the wounded soldiers, and, if they are not cured by physicians, they will die. Without infantry here in any way, because it is – honorable “queen of the fields.” And the building will take, and have mastered the technique, and the point to capture supplies.
Speaking of points. Own stores often lacking even at the lowest level.
Therefore, on maps, where the big battle, there is a camp with supplies may occur where your supply vessels will take all that is necessary for victory in battle.
However, no matter how heroic nor were infantrymen, no matter how exactly went tankers and supply vessels – a ride in time to fuel, victory is impossible without the generals.

The Many Faces of war

In all the three parties to the conflict have generals, each of whom is responsible for its own military doctrine: infantry, armored and supply. For infantry meet Blaskowitz, Montgomery and Rokossovsky, for armored forces – Guderian, Patton, and Zhukov, well, given the role of procurers von Bock, Bradley and Chuikov.
The military elite of World version of Sudden Strike 4.
Each of doctrine – is not only a picture with a description of historical military leader, but also a set of reinforcements, which are to be sent. For example, Kursk will be relevant Guderian and Zhukov, but that does not mean you can not take a chance and try to defeat the forces of Chuikova giving greater artillery and aircraft. As a result, the doctrine allows a little bit to adjust the game to suit your style and held a campaign is not so, as it was historically, and how you want it your strategic genius.
The plot is supplied through the articulated blogs fighters.
Each card – a work of art. We wrote about it back in the preview and at the same time feared , that for such games is too small missions. The release version of them have not increased, except for the addition of “Dunkirk”, timed for release the same movie – there is a separate campaign for Germany and its allies.
In Sudden Strike 4 still seven battles in three campaigns, they, and all visible at once: you can just try to imagine what will the battle of Stalingrad or the Battle of the hedge. However, to predict anything in the world you do not get.

According to new data exploration, we are at war with ourselves