Styx: Master of Shadows

From France comes an interesting proposal for lovers of stealth, infiltration and murder. In this title we adopt a role without doubt different: that of a Goblin


He has mastered the art of infiltration as a method of survival to achieve his goals. In a world of humans, orcs and elves, where any of them can destroy the little creature in terms of physical strength, this goblin has learned to overcome them using the surprise factor, agility and the knife in the throat as an infallible method to fulfill your goals, plus other more mystical means that will help you fulfill your most desired goal: steal the heart of the world’s tree.


We will not tell too much about history to avoid revealing surprises, basically we have to know that we are the goblin Styx, and that we are “the bad guy” in this story. The goblin personality does not place it as an antihero either, quite the opposite, we are facing a rude and homicidal creature that does not understand concepts such as kindness or nobility.

In general, the story has good ideaswith some problems of execution and some turns somewhat strange or abrupt, but really it is the least. Our opinion of the character that we embody will vary throughout the adventure, and there will surely be a diversity


of opinions on the personality and motivations of the protagonist, but we are not before the main axis of the game. What does matter is the place: we are in the fortress of Akenash, an imposing place that can only be reached by


airship and that is the result of an alliance between humans and elves. Everything revolves around the mentioned tree of the world, which produces what is known simply as “amber,” a source of unlimited power. The tree and its secrets belong to the elves, but the men conquered it and in their thirst for greed they tried to extract the amber from the heart of the tree, with catastrophic


results. From there a forcible alliance was forged, the humans built an impenetrable fortification so that nothing could enter (or exit) without their permission,


while the elves extracted the amber for mutual benefit. Amber is the key to the reason why Styx is here, in a personal story that will be unveiled with the plot, but is also related to certain special abilities that the creature can develop.

Styx: Master of Shadows (PC) screenshot
Styx: Master of Shadows (PC) screenshot Styx: Master of Shadows (PC) Illustration

Reviewed the context, we are faced with a structured game missions in different parts of the fortress. We have a general map, but in reality we will be guided more by the screen indicators to know where our objectives are, at the risk of getting lost. The size and verticality of the


environments are striking, as is the great freedom to explore the space and discover secrets and small corners that can be very useful. Agility is a fundamental element of Styx and it is really a pleasure to see the agility with which he moves by climbing, jumping and performing his most characteristic movement: climbing on the neck of his victim to kill him. The design of the scenarios is designed so that we have a great freedom to go from point


A to point B, which gives us a pleasant feeling of navigating a real environment that we are dominating with our abilities instead of being something linear that only requires pressing a button. Not everything is perfect, however. What is the platform part requires some adjustment and will surely cause some frustrations in the first hours with some absurd fall.


The worst is without doubt when we have tohang on a curb , a process that must be done carefully to avoid falling to the first change, which is not always easy. Once these small headaches are mastered, we will enjoy a lot of exploring the great spaces of the fortress.