Studio Compulsion Games released a documentary on the work on We Happy Few – review

Montreal Studio Compulsion was founded in 2009, and currently it employs four dozen people. The masses learned about it through a puzzle Contrast and adventure dystopia We happy few. And shortly before the release of the last of its creators, the company bought Microsoft.

Now, the developers decided to talk about their path from small indie projects to part of the largest gaming company. They assure that the exit to the big stage is not always associated exclusively with joy. And so they called the documentary: “The price of joy“.

We Happy Few did not become a sensation and failed to fully realize its full potential. Nevertheless, the developers did everything they promised as part of the post-release support. A month ago, the third, final addition “We all fall“.

Studio surethat the experience on We Happy Few was invaluable, and their next project would be much better. Although so far the developers are not saying anything about what they are working on now.