Street Fighter V


It has been six days since the Street Fighter V servers opened publicly and the failuresthat we listed to that date in our analysis of the online mode are

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still present , adding others undocumented then. Capcom has been unable to correct the errors in the netcode and connections that exploded on the 16th and that although it is true that given the size of the launch,


the initial saturation and situations of instability that often occur in multiplayer online titles of this caliber of As usual, the grace period and the


margin of confidence that is applied have been exhausted. As this author commented in a video recently,“If these problems were not corrected, at the end of the week the note would be revised adjusting the rating to the downside”.

Street Fighter V to date today keeps the following errors;

1. Instability of connections still present, even between users in the same country, same Internet provider -Movistar fiber 100/10 connected by cable- and same neighborhood within the same city.

2. The two players perceive different experiences within the same combat , the action that one sees goes ahead of the one that the other visualizes, one can have lag and the other player can not.

3. Disconnections without penalizing in even games, rage quits are not sanctioned by subtracting league points or interrupting winning streaks. The player who remains in the game does not add points.

4. Sending points to the server with failures ; Matched games that do not score, add up the winner or subtract the loser.

5. Matchmaking with variable waiting times to find the game: we go from 5-7 minutes to 20-30, even 1 hour, so that even matches appear.

6. Server crashes that affect both ongoing bouts and singleplayer modes: Survival mode is reset if at any time the server falls, all progress is lost.

7. Instability in rooms of informal games , they are closed and disconnected randomly, players can not find or join rooms of other specific players.

Additionally, the community is denouncing errors that are currently being studied to assess their real impact, such as the case of using alt + tab in the PC version to intentionally lag the opponent while changing windows.

Since as we commented in the analysis, SFV comes “very very little” of content for a single player with a mini story mode, a versus player versus player,


training and Survival – waiting for the March patch with the Challenge mode – and The main incentive is to play games in online mode , the unfortunate state of its servers and the netcode weigh the experience to a level of infamy equal to the outputs like


Driveclub or Halo: The Master Chief Collection. At the moment there is no incentive to play competitive online: lag and connection problems, delay, make it impossible to guarantee a level playing field between both players, the rage quit without


penalty make online rankings are adulterated and the legal player is not rewarded, failures to send the data leave many games without scoring and waiting to find ranked match vary between optimal 2 -5 minutes to half an hour incomprehensible.


To paraphrase a user “for the mental health of oneself it is better to stay out of Street Fighter V’s online competitive mode until Capcom corrects all problems . ” As of today, it is only a valid game to play matches in matches or in the local versus , among friends. Any other situation is damaged by the problems listed.

As we discussed at the beginning of the analysis, we will continue to review and update the title note as changes, patches and meaningful content are applied. In documenting SFV’s online experience during this week, 7 members of this editorial team participated as well as the active feedback of the community.